ANN 18.02.2024

Artls/Visual Contagions Lecture Series (online, 23 Feb-17 May 24)

Online / University of Geneva, 23.02.–17.05.2024
Deadline/Anmeldeschluss: 23.03.2024

Catherine Dossin, Purdue University

In Spring 2024, the Artls/Visual Contagion Lectures series in Digital Art History will continue the conversation on "Narrowing the Divide: A Dialogue between Art History and Digital Art History" with the following sessions:

Metadata: the core of the debate
23-02-2024 14h15-15h45 (Geneva time)
Anna Naslund, Stockholm University
Sofia Baroncini, University of Bologna

Dealing with Art Historical Sources Across the Digital and Analog Divide
15-03-2024 14h15-15h45 (Geneva time)
Paul Jaskot, Duke University
Stephen Whiteman, Courtauld Institute of Art

All Condemned to the Digital? Changing Notions of Evidence in Art History
12-04-2024 14h15-15h45 (Geneva time)
Emily Pugh, Getty Research Institute
Christopher Nygren, University of Pittsburgh

Tangible v. intangible sources for computational reconstruction
17-05-2024 14h15-15h45 (Geneva time)
Joana Balsa de Pinho, University of Lisbon
Paul Ghennec, EPFL

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