CFP Apr 9, 2007

Critical Influences (CAA Dallas, 20-23 February 2008)

D Baxter

CFP: Critical Influences, CAA (Dallas, 20-23 February 2008)

Call for Participation:

Critical Influences: The Eighteenth Century, the 1980s, and a Generation of

College Art Association Annual Meeting

20-23 February 2008, Dallas, Texas

Proposals due 11 May 2007

The early 1980s gave rise to a body of critical and historical work that
has definitively shaped not only on eighteenth-century studies but also on
the history of art more broadly speaking. These works - including John
Barrell's Dark Side of the Landscape (1980); Michael Fried's Absorption and
Theatricality (1981); Norman Bryson's Word and Image (1983); Thomas Crow's
Painters and Public Life (1985); and Ann Bermingham's Landscape and
Ideology (1986) - continue to be read, cited, and discussed. This session
asks how these landmark works have shaped the discipline over the last
quarter-century. More specifically, do their methodological concerns still
occupy us today? Has the canon of eighteenth-century art changed
subsequent to their publication? How have scholars writing in later years
engaged with these texts, This panel will take the format of a roundtable,
with brief formal presentations followed by discussion. The organizers
seek submissions of abstracts for short presentations (ten minutes or less)
that discuss the historiographic questions raised above and/or discuss the
speaker's own work within this historical context.

Please email proposals to both chairs:
Denise Amy Baxter, University of North Texas,
Heather MacDonald, Dallas Museum of Art,

This call for participation, along with a description of the conference and
the guidelines for proposals, may also be found at:

You must be a member of the Historians of Eighteenth-Century Art and
Architecture in order to participate in this session. For more information
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