TOC May 26, 2005

Special issue of Nineteenth-Century Art

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Special issue of Nineteenth-Century Art

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Five papers from the Siegfried Bing symposium are published in this issue
guest edited by Gabriel P. Weisberg of the University of Minnesota and
Edwin Becker of the van Gogh Museum.

Table of Contents:

Gabriel P. Weiberg and Edwin Becker, " Tastemaking in the Age of Art
Nouveau: The Role of Siegfried Bing"

Annette Leduc Beaulieu and Brooks Beaulieu, " Crisis and Resolution in
Vuillard's Search of Art Nouveau Unity in Modern Decoration: Sources for
the Public Garden"

Martin Eidelberg, "S. Bing and L.C. Tiffany: Entrepreneurs of Style"

Marjan Groot, "Siegfried Bing's Salon de l'Art Nouveau and the Dutch
Gallery Arts and Crafts"

Elizabeth K. Menon, "The Functional Print in Commercial Culture: Henry
Somms' Women in the Marketplace"

Gabriel P. Weisberg, "Lost and Found: Siegfried Bings' Merchandizing of
Japonisme and Art Nouveau"

Sura Levine
Promotions Manager, NCAW
Associate Professor of Art History
Hampshire College
Amherst, MA 01002

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