CFP 02.06.2002

Chicago Art Journal, Vol. 13, Spring 2003 CFP: Chicago Art Journal, Vol. 13, Spring 2003

Allison Morehead

Call for papers and art work
Exchanges, Borders, Translations
Chicago Art Journal - Volume 13, Spring 2003

Deadline: October 1, 2002

Exchange designates acts of giving and receiving among individuals
and societies, from objects to people, and between spaces and
identities. Borders, both spatial and imagined, are a significant
part of any active exchange; transactions implicate a process of
circulation and simultaneously promise transformations. Yet any
exchange can reaffirm hierarchies, promote a sense of place, and
nestle the giver and receiver within a common frame of understanding.

What happens during and results from the movement of ideas, people,
and things
How do acts of giving and receiving define relations,
boundaries, and processes
This year's Journal seeks inquiries on
the commensurable-objects, relations, and ideas that move about by a
common denominator-and the translations that result from such

As the sites, processes and consequences of exchange inform such
broad ranging inquiry, the Journal encourages submissions from areas
outside art history, including but not limited to anthropology,
literary criticism, and cultural studies. In keeping and encouraging
its connection with the activities of artists and museums, the
Journal also seeks submissions of art works as well as interviews and
reviews of related books, exhibitions and conferences. Possible
topics include: Performance of Exchange Gifts and Giving Intentions
and Receptions of Objects/Buildings Dialogical References Across
Media Reciprocation and Confusion Boundaries, Peripheries and
Thresholds Colonialism Marginality and Centrality Regionalism
Architectural Circulation Tourism and Pilgrimage Transportation
Marriages and Political Alliances Consummated/Thwarted Friendships
Captivity, Theft, and Piracy Revivals Time Capsules

The Journal is dedicated to promoting the work of graduate students.
Submissions must be in the form of: Articles (10-25 double-spaced
pages, 12 point font) Visual art (please include slides or prints, a
resume, and a statement) Reviews of recent exhibitions, books, or
articles (5-10 double-spaced pages, 12 point font)

All contributors should include their names, addresses, telephone
numbers, and e-mail addresses. Art and article submissions will be
returned only with the inclusion of a SASE. All articles must be
submitted in full, on paper with Xeroxed illustrations, as well as on
diskette in Microsoft Word. Contributors should follow The Chicago
Manual of Style.

Please send submissions to: Chicago Art Journal; Department of Art
History; The University of Chicago; 5540 S. Greenwood Ave.; Chicago,
IL 60637.

For further information, please e-mail or

Allison Morehead
University of Chicago

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