CONF 16.05.2016

The Art Market, Collectors and Agents (London, 13 Jul 16)

The Warburg Institute, London, 13.07.2016
Anmeldeschluss: 11.07.2016

Adriana Turpin, IESA/UK


Collecting & Display Seminar Group, Institute of Historical Research London


10.00 Registration

10.15 Introduction

10.30 Annemarie Jordan Gschwend: Statesman, Art Agent and Connoisseur: Hans Kevenhüller, Imperial Ambassador at the Court of Philip II of Spain

11.00 Taryn Marie Zarrillo: Marco Boschini and Paolo del Sera: Art Dealers, Advisors and Associates in Seicento Venice

11.30 Michael Wenzel: Sales strategies of Philipp Hainhofer’s art cabinets: the self-marketing of artworks in early seventeenth-century Germany

12.00 Sandra van Ginhoven: The Business Strategies of Guilliam Forchondt’s Art Dealership in Antwerp (1643-1678)

12.30 Ulf R. Hansson: “An Oracle for Collectors”: Philipp von Stosch and the Collecting and Dealing in Antiquities in Early Eighteenth-Century Rome and Florence

13.00-14.00 Lunch

14.00 Maria Celeste Cola: Scottish agents in Rome in the eighteenth century: the case of Peter Grant

14.30 Christine Godfroy-Gallardo: "Establishing honest trading relationships: the Guillaume Martin case"

15.00 Robert Skwirblies: Edward Solly, Felice Cartoni and their purchases of paintings: a “milord” and his “commissioner” creating a transnational network of dealers c. 1820

15.30 Lukas Fuchsgruber: Otto Mündler, 9 rue Laval, Paris

16.00 Lynn Catterson: The Mysterious Maurice de Bosdari, a would-be agent of Stefano Borden

16.30-17.00 Tea

17.30 Julie Codell: Agent-Scholar Martin Birnbaum (1878-1970): Modernizing the Agent

18.00 Nicola Foster: The case of Uli Sigg: Collector, Agent, Advisor and Promoter of Contemporary Chinese Art

18.30 Keynote – Sophie Raux: Mapping the agents of the art market in early modern Europe : an experimental research database

19.15 Reception

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