CFP Oct 8, 2013

The Artist-as-Curator, edited volume

Deadline: Nov 15, 2013

Gabrielle Gopinath

This is an open call for submissions for an edited volume on the
artist-as-curator for an academic press in the UK. The editor seeks
submissions that theorize and/or historicize the breakdown of
traditional boundaries separating the practices of artistic creation
and curation.

The volume will survey artist-curator activities thematically,
geographically, and through in-depth treatments of key figures and
events. Submissions should address curatorial interventions by
individuals or collectives that make art by re-presenting historically
invested artworks in new contexts. Proposals that examine the
activities of artists acting as curators and/or curators acting as
artists in the contemporary moment are welcome. Submissions that
historicize the figure of the artist-curator by examining earlier
instances of this dynamic in the 19th and 20th centuries are also
encouraged, as are submissions that consider this phenomenon in
non-Western contexts.

Articles might address topics including the following:

- how artist-curators’ restagings of historic exhibitions have been
ideologically invested

- how artist-as-curator / curator-as-artist activities relate to the
legacy of site-specificity in the neo-avant-garde

- how the re-animation of historical artworks has been impacted by the
exponential increase in global image population and the widespread
recognition of a contemporary postmedium condition

- how artist-curator practices have been influenced by the late
twentieth / early twenty-first century proliferation of art
biennales and the emergence of the celebrity curator

- how artist-curators in the global South have sought to situate
historical artworks within nationalist discourse by seeking the
virtual restaging and/or repatriation of such works to their sites
of origin

For more detailed information please see the full CFP at:

Submit the following via email attachment by November 15th, 2013:

1. a 200 to 500 word abstract outlining your proposed book chapter;
2. a 200 to 400 word biography describing your scholarly background
and your engagement with this topic;
3. a CV. Send all inquiries and submissions to Gabrielle Gopinath,
Ph.D., School of the Art Institute of Chicago, at

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