CFP 30.09.2013

El Greco From Crete, to Venice, to Rome, to Toledo (Athens, 21-23 Nov 14)

Benaki Museum, Athens, 21.–23.11.2014
Eingabeschluss : 01.03.2014

Polina Kosmadaki

Call for Papers

El Greco From Crete, to Venice, to Rome, to Toledo
An International Conference

2014 marks the 400th anniversary of El Greco's death in Toledo, Spain.
To commemorate the event, the Benaki Museum, Athens, will organize two
exhibitions in 2014, as well as a three-day international conference on
the artist and his works on November 21, 22 and 23, 2014. A list of
subjects of particular interest follows. Other proposals are welcome.
The Conference is organized in conjunction with the exhibition on "El
Greco's Friends and Patrons in Toledo" in its central building (November
2014 – February 2015). The museum will simultaneously host the
exhibition "El Greco between Venice and Rome" in its Pireos Street
Annexe which will first open in June at the Historical Museum of Crete
in Iraklion.

The deadline for the submission of proposals (two pages and a CV) is
March 1st, 2014.
Languages: Greek, English, Spanish.

Participants in the conference should plan on oral presentations not
exceeding 30 minutes. They will also be required to have a copy of their
paper ready before the start of the conference since simultaneous
translation will be provided.

The organizers will cover the costs of transportation economy class and
hotel accommodation (B and B) for four nights.

Summaries and all enquiries concerning the conference should be sent to
the following electronic address: Please
include both your postal address, e-mail and any institutional
affiliation. Proposals will be considered by June 2nd 2014. Applicants
will be notified by e-mail whether their papers have been accepted.


Topics of interest:
- El Greco as a portraitist
- El Greco as landscape painter
- El Greco as miniaturist
- El Greco's so-called Proverb or Fabula (Prado, Harewood Collection,
National Gallery of Scotland)
- El Greco and the classical world: 1) A Boy blowing on an ember to
light a candle 2) Laocoön
- The artist's style: continuities and discontinuities
- Working in a vacuum? The social context
- Patrons and commissions: new observations and research
- El Greco and the Catholic Church
- El Greco as precursor of modern art
- The artist's marginal notes to the Vasari and Vitruvius editions
- El Greco Exhibitions 1902-2003
- The state of research: unresolved issues and new questions arising

Prof. Angelos Delivorrias, Prof. Nicos Hadjinicolaou, Prof. Alexis

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