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Artls Bulletin vol. 13, issue 1 (Spring 2024)

Catherine Dossin, Purdue University

We are pleased to announce the publication of the latest issue of the Artls Bulletin vol. 13, issue 1 (Spring 2024):

African Art and Evidence
Edited by Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi and Constantine Petridis

What Does It Mean to Keep Kissing-Close to the Evidence, and Why Might It Matter?
Susan Elizabeth Gagliardi and Constantine Petridis

Technologies of Recovery and Discovery: The Poetics of “Artefacts”
Kathryn Simpson

Making Absences Present: The Process of Visualizing Knowledge Production in Museum Records
Caitlin Glosser

Shifting approaches, innovative methods: collection histories as a tool to move beyond William Fagg’s ‘Lower Niger Bronze Industry Mystery’
Imogen Coulson, Julie Hudson, and Sam Nixon

Shaky Foundations: Cultural Classifications in Museum Collections Management Systems and the Endurance of Colonial-era Terminology
Carlee S. Forbes and Erica P. Jones

You Cannot See It: Navigating Yorùbá Religious Artistic Materials
Stephen A. Fọlárànmí

Art and Evidence in Totems of Uganda (2014)
Margaret Nagawa and Taga F. Nuwagaba

From the Outside, Looking In: Reflections on the Complex Infrastructures of African Art History
Joanna Gardner-Huggett

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