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Aedificare: The prospect of an accident. When construction fails...

AEdificare, thematic dossier: International Journal of Construction History, 06.01.2022
Eingabeschluss: 15.02.2022

Robert Carvais, 75009

The prospect of an accident. When construction fails...
Thematic dossier coordinated by Robert Carvais and Guy Lambert

Accidents are an invariable feature of the built environment and construction operations over the long term of history. Varying greatly in nature and scope, these episodes deserve to be explored in a historical perspective in a more systematic way than they generally have been. Far from being exceptional events, they are in fact a regular occurrence in the life of constructions. Owing to their unexpected, unwelcome and even sometimes intolerable nature, these events lead to a documentary production proportional to their importance, including of a media, technical and legal nature, thus providing a wealth of sources for considering the history of construction from a different angle. Three lines of questioning are proposed for this issue of the journal Ædificare: - the search for causes and responsibilities; - Immediate and emergency management of the consequences of an accident and Prevention and accidental risk culture.

Articles may be written in any of the following languages: French, Italian, English, Spanish, German and Portuguese. As a guideline, they may be between 30,000 and 60,000 characters long (spaces included) / between 5.000 and 10.000 words.

We welcome both case studies and in-depth reflections on any periods and geographical areas from a historical perspective, including immediate history. Proposals for articles should include a title and an abstract of approximately 2,500 characters (spaces included) or 400 words, as well as the author's contact details (surname, first name, position and institutional affiliation, e-mail, postal address). They should be sent before 15 February 2022 to and

The proposals will be examined and selected by the coordinators of the dossier. As for the articles themselves, each will be assessed by two referees appointed by the editorial board of the journal Aedificare.

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- 15/02/2022: submission of proposals by authors

- 01/03/2022: notification of acceptance of proposals

- 31/08/2022: submission of articles by authors

- 30/09/2022: transmission of peer reviews to authors

- 31/10/2022: submission of the final articles

- early 2023: publication of the dossier

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