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2 Sessions at UAAC (online, 20-23 Oct 21)

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[1] Asian Collections in Canadian Museums and Galleries from the Nineteenth Century to Today
[2] Ibero-American Art, Identity and Resistance session


[1] Asian Collections in Canadian Museums and Galleries from the Nineteenth Century to Today

We invite paper proposals for the 2021 UAAC-AAUC conference, October 20 – 23. Scholars interested in the following fields are welcome to enter the link
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Session 3. Asian Collections in Canadian Museums and Galleries from the Nineteenth Century to Today

Starting in the 19th century, Canadian museums and art galleries began collecting Asian art and artifacts. Early collections came from the donations of collectors (mostly merchants and scholars), while later sources were more diverse. By considering the history and evolution of these collections, including their collectors and acquisition histories, it is possible to analyze how Canadian Asian collections follow the evolution of ideas in art history, influenced by imperialism, colonialism and Orientalism. We invite papers on topics related to the history of collecting Asian art in Canada including: how has the interpretation of Asian collections in Canadian museums changed in order to demonstrate awareness of diverse communities? How can we understand the unique position of Asian art in Canada and the significance of Canadian Asian collections in the global context? How to study the broader issues of matter, agency, and identity between Canada and Asia through the Canadian Asian collection?

Keywords: Canadian museums and art galleries, Asian collections, from the nineteenth century to today


[2] Ibero-American Art, Identity and Resistance session

This panel aims to examine works by Ibero-American artists from the colonial period to contemporary times that debate migration and people’s movements across geographies. We seek to debate how artists interpret a new reality with constrained people movement in a pandemic. We seek contributions from a wide range of disciplines that engage with artistic practices in an Ibero-American context, including painting, performance, multimedia, art installation, and virtual reality (VR). We encourage submissions that debate how Ibero-American artists portray in their work the political and social aspects of cultural transfers resulting from people’s migration. We seek to discuss issues affecting minority populations and cultural transfers discourses in the context of immigration. We seek to debate how these works by Ibero-American artists demand from their makers a reconfiguration of thought and practices in current realities. We explore the importance of maintaining the Latin American historical memory and raising questions about preserving Latinxs identity and diversity. How politics influenced the Latin America art scene? How does the cultural flow happen in a new geographical location? How can arts promote cultural identity? How do artists negotiate their migrant identity in new geographies? How can artistic practices be reimagined in a new context in which we have limited physical interactions with others?
Keywords: Ibero American, immigration, art, identity, resistance

We invite 300-word abstracts of the proposed papers to be sent along to Tatiane de Oliveira Elias e-mail: and Patricia Branco Cornish, Concordia University, by 16 of May 2021.

Submissions must include / Les soumissions doivent inclure :
- the name of the applicant / le nom de l’intervenant•e
- the applicant’s email address / l’adresse courriel de l’intervenant•e
- the applicant’s institutional affiliation and rank / l’affiliation institutionnelle et le titre de l’intervenant•e
- title of proposal / le titre de la communication
- a proposal (300 words maximum) / une proposition de communication (maximum de 300 mots)
- a brief biography (150 words maximum) / une courte biographie (maximum 150 mots)

Submissions must be submitted via the Call for Papers form attached. / Les propositions doivent être soumises utilisant le formulaire ci-inclus < Appel à communications >.
Proposals may be submitted by current members or non-members of UAAC.
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