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Visual Resources, Vol. XXI, No. 3, 2005

Helene Roberts

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Vol. XXI, No. 3, 2005

The Period Room Debate and the Making of America's Public Art Museum

Guest Editor: Sandy Duncan


Sally Anne Duncan

Thomas Denenberg
Picture Houses and Period Rooms: Wallace Nutting, the Museum, and the Market

Kristina Wilson
Style and Lifestyle in the Machine Age: The Modernist Period Rooms of the
Architect and the Industrial Arts

Curt Germundson
Alexander Dorner's Atmosphere Room: The Museum as Experience.

Elizabeth Kennedy
Home on the Range: Frederic Remington's Recreated Studio at the Whitney
Gallery of Western Art.


Linda C. Hults
Colorful Impressions: The Printmaking Revolution in Eighteenth-Century
France, by Margaret Morgan Grasselli.

Mark Zucker
Raphael, Durer, and Marcantonio Raimondi: Copying and the Italian
Renaissance Print, by Lisa Pon.


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