JOB 05.10.2005

Art Director / Art Director's Team (Cape Town)

Julian Jonker


CAPE is looking for an Art Director or Art Directors' Team for an
international art manifestation taking place in Cape Town in September

CAPE uses the locality and geography of the African city to stage and
explore African visual culture, art practice and style in challenging and
provocative ways. CAPE’s programme is based on a biennial cycle. The
2005/2006 cycle comprises a meeting, SESSIONS eKAPA 2005 (20-22 November
2005), and an art manifestation (September 2006), both taking place in Cape
Town, South Africa.

Job Description

The Art Director will develop a manifestation of art works, practices, and
interventions. The manifestation will be in line with CAPE vision, engaging
with its location, and exploring contemporary African art as an expansive
field of practice.

The 2006 manifestation will focus primarily, but not exclusively, on works,
practices and interventions located in, or associated with, the Southern
Africa region. (Southern Africa is used to refer to the SADC countries:
Angola, Botswana, Democratic Republic of Congo, Lesotho, Madagascar,
Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania,
Zambia and Zimbabwe, but including also Seychelles and Comoros. Proposals
may motivate why another definition of Southern Africa should be used. This
regional focus is for the purposes of strengthening local cultural
networks, and will evolve into a continental focus by 2010.)

The Art Director will also be expected to participate in the conception of
the documentation of the manifestation, and a public education programme.
Requirements Candidates may apply individually for the position of Art
Director, or collectively for the position of Art Directors' Teams.

· Cross-border and cross-continental teams and partnerships are
encouraged. However, at least half of a team or partnership must consist of
African nationals. Candidates submitting individual applications must be
African nationals.
· Curatorial experience will weigh in applicants’ favour;
candidates who do not profess a curatorial track record must motivate how
their experience and skills qualify them for the role.
· Potential Art Directors or potential Art Directors' Teams must
have a flair for innovation and provocative ideas, and the ability to
appeal to both the public and the critical eye.
· Potential Art Directors or potential Art Directors' Teams must
have a knowledge of the artists, art practices and networks of the Southern
African region.
· Potential Art Directors or potential Art Directors' Teams must
have the ability to engage with the contemporary social, political and
economic issues of Cape Town, as well as the urban fabric and popular
culture of the city.
· Potential Art Directors or potential Art Directors' Teams must
be able to act as spokesperson/s for the manifestation both locally and
internationally, and to a variety of different audiences, including
critics, media and the general public.


Applications must consist of: A two to five page proposal which Includes:
- a motivation for a theme for the manifestation;
- an outline of a method of curating art works, practices and
- an outline of a method of engaging with the general public as audience;
- an outline of a method of addressing the needs of public education and
sustainable development.
- A one to two page note on the situation of contemporary African artistic
practice, and the relevance of the large-scale exhibition in the African
- A curriculum vitae.
- Two letters of reference.


Closing date for applications is 22 October 2005. Please email applications
to <> , fax +27 21 488
or post by registered mail to: Cape Africa Platform PO Box 15806
Vlaeberg 8018 South Africa

Further Details

Selection criteria, more information on CAPE and Cape Town, and details
about the selection process, may be viewed at
from 30 September 2005; in the interim,
details may be requested by email:
<> ; or fax: +27 21 488 3061.

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