ANN May 9, 2005

CIA.IS - Center for Icelandic Art

Christian Schoen

Foundation of:

CIA.IS - Center for Icelandic Art

Reykjavík – Iceland

The Center for Icelandic Art (CIA.IS) is the platform for Icelandic Visual
Art activities. CIA.IS promotes Iceland art by connecting the local visual
art community with the International artnetwork. It enforces national and
international collaborations in order to improve opportunities for
Icelandic artists in their homecountry and to increase their popularity

Information on Contemporary Icelandic Art The CIA.IS is the prime source
of information for Icelandic artists as well as for foreign curators,
collectors, journalists or all people who are interested in Icelandic culture.

The Center in Hafnarstraeti 16, 101 Reykjavík is open for visitors on
Mon – Fri 10 a.m – 4. p.m.

Visitors can use the Library or get basic information about current
exhibitions. A selective videoarchive will provide additional insight into
the wide spectrum of the Icelandic art scene. In addition to that, we
regularly invite foreign institutions and the artists in residence
( to introduce themselves and their work. The first guest
institution which will be introduced is the artist- and videoarchive
lothringer13/spiegel, Munich, Germany (

Website The website is the window to the Icelandic visual arts
scene. It provides the basic information about all Museums, professional
Galleries and other Art Institutions and Associations. The included
database UMM.IS offers an overall survey of Icelandic Artists.

Besides that local Artists can find here all necessary information to the
CIA.IS grant program as well as important links to the international art

LIST – Icelandic Art News LIST is the monthly online art magazine which
distributes Icelandic art related topics. Its first edition will be
published on May 14th. [to subscribe please send a mail to:]

Cooperation and Productions CIA.IS works on collaborative projects with
both Icelandic and/or international partners. Our current projects include
e.g. the cooperation with the Reykjavík Arts Festival [Mai – June 2005,], the cooperation for the Icelandic Pavilion in 51st Venice
Biennial and the responsibility for the Icelandic Pavilion at the 52nd
Venice Biennial.

Networking & Discussion The CIA.IS Visitors’ Program is another way of
expanding its international network of contacts and exchange of
information. In cooperation with other institutions, this program invites
international curators, critics, art historians and scientists to Iceland
introduce them to the local Art Scene, and to bring their expertise to
local Artists through lectures or for research, initiated and organised by

The CIA.IS is the first point of contact for both Artists and everybody
interested in Icelandic Art. With regular workshops, lectures, excursions
etc. it brings people together and gives them the opportunity to meet and
discuss, and strengthen the links between Iceland and the international
art scene in contemporary visual art.

For more information visit:

or contact us:
CIA.IS - Center for Icelandic Art
Dr. Christian Schoen – Director
Rebekka S. Ragnarsdóttir – Assistant
Hafnarstræti 16
IS-101 Reykjavík
T: ++354-562-72 62
F: ++354-562-66 56

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