CFP Jun 14, 2003

ANN / CFP: New Journal Launch (Art on the line)

Mike O'Mahony

Art on the line ISSN 1478-6818

September 2003 sees the launch of a new electronic journal designed
especially for historians and theorists in the fields of visual culture,
including art, architecture, design and film.

Art on the line is professional, peer-reviewed and will be an
international forum for original and innovative research into visual
culture. Drawing together research currently underway in art history
departments, museums and fine art departments it aims to push the
boundaries of art historical studies into the broader field of cultural
studies. Its editorial objectives are to encourage dialogue and debate and
extend the understanding of visual culture across a broad chronological
and geographical context.

The journal will publish a wide range of research articles, news and a
broad spectrum of reviews, including books, exhibitions and electronic
resources such as databases and web pages. In short, Art on the line aims
to provide readers with up to the minute information and scholarly
research in an easily accessible electronic format.

The title, Art on the line, can have many layers of meaning, but is
intended primarily to reflect both the means of delivery, ie, online, and
its proximity to the margins of art history as a discipline. The journal
is quarterly, international and published by the Western Academic &
Specialist Press. If there is sufficient demand, an annual compilation of
the key parts of the journal will be published in print.

Call for papers

The editors welcome submissions on any aspect of visual culture and
articles will be peer reviewed by at least two academic referees. Other
submissions for reviews and news items will be considered by the editor or
one of his associates. From time to time Art on the line will publish
special issues focusing on a single theme or subject - this might involve
special research undertaken in collaboration with a current exhibition or
conference - and all proposals are welcomed. Please contact the editor in
the first instance.

RAE in the UK

Submissions to online journals are considered equally with traditional
print journals, according to the RAE organisers. The report of the 2001
RAE panel confirmed that electronic publications had specifically been
admitted and expressed some surprise that this time around they were
'little in evidence'. Moreover it highlighted the fact that, 'no a priori
evaluative distinctions were made between different forms of publication:
research quality was always the overriding consideration, whatever the
scope or format of the output in question'.

For further information about the journal and author guidelines visit: or contact

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