Q Sep 9, 2002

Re: Q: Art Criticism and Popular Taste (2)



For one perspective at the intersection of criticism and popular taste you
could look at Dave Hickey's various essays in Air Guitar and The
Invisible Dragon
, also he writes somewhere in Artforum on writing
criticism, I'm sorry I don't have the reference --

Ryan Whyte
PhD candidate
University of Toronto
Department of Fine Arts


[Douglas' reply:]


Thanks for the helpful posts. Do keep them coming.

For Robert Baron: there is a chapter in Disciplinarity and Dissent in
Cultural Studies (Nelson and Gaonkar eds., Routledge, 1996) by Lynn Spigel
that starts to address the issue of television news media (and documentary
expression in general) and the modern art scene -- "High Culture in Low
Places: Television and Modern Art, 1950-1970.)

Douglas Dowland

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