ANN 05.08.2002

Munich Scholars Listserve

J.A. Nugent

Announcement: Munich Scholars Listserve now operating
Seeking new members

The Munich Scholars Listserve assists international scholars living and
working in Munich and the surrounding area with practical matters concerning
housing, research facilities, and contacts in the region. This listserve
does not intend to duplicate the services of other groups such as H-German,
Women-in-German or the Berlin Scholars lists. Members should be mindful of
the regional focus of the group when posting messages. The list is moderated
to exclude SPAM, virus warnings and other messages irrelevant to the
membership. A monthly Stammtisch in Munich is scheduled to introduce members
to each other in a socially supportive atmosphere.

To join the Munich Scholars list serve, please send your name, institutional
affiliation and a brief statement of your scholarly interest to:

Jeanne Nugent, list moderator
Ph.D. candidate
History of Art
University of Pennsylvania

Jeanne Nugent
Barer Strasse 67
80799 Munich

tel and fax +49 (0)89/271 0212
cell +49/0160 9164 3720


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