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An Enduring Vision: 17th to 20th Century Japanese Painting (New Orleans, 27.-28.9.02)

New Orleans Museum of

Painting (New Orleans, 27.-28.9.02)
Date: 7/31/02

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"An Enduring Vision: 17th to 20th Century Japanese Painting from the
Gitter-Yelen Collection" International Symposium
Location: Louisiana, United States
Symposium Begins: 2002-09-27

In association with the exhibition, "An Enduring Vision: 17th to
20th-century Japanese Painting from the Gitter-Yelen Collection," The
New Orleans Museum of Art is holding a two-day symposium devoted to
the study and analysis of Japanese painting of the Edo and Meiji
periods (1615-1912). This exciting event will feature illustrated
presentations by many distinguished scholars in the field including:

Introduction to the Gitter-Yelen Collection: Dr. Tadashi Kobayashi,
Professor, Gakshuin University, Editor-in-chief KOKKA, Director,
Chiba Art Museum

Buddhist Paintings, Gourds, and Seto Ceramics: New Materials Related
to Yokoi Kinkoku: Dr. Patricia Fister, International Research Center
for Japanese Studies (Nichibunken) Kyoto

Appreciation of Karamono (Chinese Things) in Late Edo Japan: Dr.
Patricia J. Graham, Research Associate, Center for East Asian
Studies, University of Kansas

Rinpa Painting: Dr. Yoshio Sakakibara

Sotatsu and Rinpa Painting: Dr. Motoaki Kono, Professor, Faculty of
Letters, Tokyo University

Affecting Eccentricity: Japanese Ink Painting: Dr. James Ulak,
Curator of Japanese Art, Arthur M. Sakler Gallery, Freer Gallery of
Art, Smithsonian Institution, Washington D.C.

Wrapped Up in Words: Calligraphy on Women's Robes: Dr. John
Carpenter, Professor of Japanese Art History, School of Oriental and
African Studies, University of London

Maruyama Okyo and His Studio Practice: Dr. Timon Screech, Professor,
School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London

The Transformation of Japanese Painting: Dr. Paul Berry, Independent
Scholar, Kyoto

Zen Painting: Dr. Masamoto Kawai, Professor, Keio University, Tokyo

Private and Public Collecting in the Meiji Era: Dr. Christine Guth,
Independent Scholar, Hopewell, New Jersey

Collector/Dealer Panel: Moderator- Dr. Kurt A. Gitter, Panelists- Dr.
Sylvan Barnet, Sebastian Izzard, Kenzaburo Marui, Dr. Robert
Feinberg, H. Christopher Luce, Dr. John Weber, Koichi Yanagi, Dr.
Fred Baekeland

Response: Dr. Stephen Addiss, Professor of Art History, University of
Richmond, Richmond, Virginia

Limited scholarships are available to graduate students in Japanese
art history from The Gitter-Yelen Foundation. Please send resume and
request letter to:

The Symposium will be held from 9 am to 5 pm on September 27th and 28th, 2002.
Pre-registration is required. The seating capacity at the symposium
will be limited to 220 participants, so please make your reservations

General Public: $100.00
NOMA Members: $65.00
Students: $50.00

Registration includes a cocktail party at NOMA on Friday, September
27th from 5 to 7 pm, a cocktail party at the Gitter-Yelen Art Center
on Saturday, September 28th, two light breakfasts on the 27th and the
28th, and two box lunches.

Contact information:
Department of Asian Art
New Orleans Museum of Art
P.O. Box 19123
New Orleans, La. 70179-0123

Symposium website:


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