CONF 12.07.2002

Visualizing Community, State and Nation (13-18.07.02, Santorini/Greece)

The International Visual Sociology Association

Visualizing Community, State and Nation
images of power & social bond

13-18 July 2002
Santorini Island, Greece,
Petros M. Nomikos Conference Centre

Political and social power has long been one of the most exciting subjects
of social scientists. Social bond, on the other hand has mostly gone
unquestioned, as a prerequisite for the existence of community and society.
But how can one discuss matters of power and social bond in a postmodern
society. Even more, when the problem of postmodernism is to represent the
unrepresentable, how can one visualize the decentered nature of social bond?

Community, State and Nation, visualized in their mediatic representations;
magnified and idealized or made to look mean in the cinema; crystallized in
the distribution of (urban) space, in urban planning and architecture;
recorded in the everyday activities of the citizens; outlined in the
outsider's imagination; Community, State and Nation, Power and Social Bond,
will be the focus of the IVSA 2002 Conference.

The International Visual Sociology Association invites scholars and
practitioners from a wide range of fields to join us in examining these
issues at our 2002 annual meetings, to be held July 13-18 at the Petros
Nomicos Conference Centre (Santorini, Greece), organized by Panteion
University, Department of Communication and Mass Media.

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Yannis Scarpelos
Assistant Professor
Panteion University
Dept. of Communication and Mass Media
136, Syngrou Ave
176 71 Athens

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