Art History Supplement, vol.2, n.1

Art History Supplement
vol.2, n.1

Table of Contents

01. Happy he who, like Ulysses … , by Joachim du Bellay

02. Works of art and art criticisms, by Max Simon Nordau

03. “To spatialize time is a faculty shared by snails and by historians”: George Kubler and Henri Focillon, by Annamaria Ducci

04. Archival research and qualitative analysis in art history: a case study, by Chara Kololytha

05. Books received

06. Turner Inspired: In the Light of Claude (14 March – 5 June 2012, Sainsbury Wing at the National Gallery, London, UK)

07. Next issue; CFP: History of conservation

CFP: History of conservation

Submission deadline 20 February 2012
This is the open call for papers for the next Art History Supplement (AHS).
The proposed general theme, but not limited to, is “History of conservation”. Submission deadline 20 February 2012.
Aspects of conservation in theory and in practice. Conservation of material and immaterial, conservation of tangible and intangible culture, of paintings and buildings, natural places and sites. Conservation of personal and oral histories, or else when conservation becomes commemoration.

AHS publishes material, dealing with all time periods, methodologies, media, techniques and debates within the field of art history. Contributions from any other science (social or not) corresponding to material culture are also welcome.

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Contributor: Ioannis Tzortzakakis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Contribution published: Jan 4, 2012

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