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Writing the City: urban life (Dublin, 24.-27.8.01)

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Conference: Writing the City: Urban Life in the Era of Globalisation

24-27 August 2001
DBS School of Arts (LSB College)
Balfe Street, Dublin 2

Edward W. Soja
Gayatri Spivak
Declan Kiberd
Immanuel Wallerstein

Friday, 24 August - registration will take place from 12.00 in DBS, 13-14
Aungier Street, Dublin 2

4.30pm - 5.30pm: The Global City in Historical Context
"Giving with One Hand and Taking with the Other: Augustus and the
reinvention of Rome" - Katharine von Stackelberg, Trinity College, Dublin
"Writing a City, Envisioning a World: London as a 'world city', 1666-1901"-
Philip Dowdall, University of Limerick

5.45pm-6.45pm: 'The Post-Colonial City'
"Reading the Post-Ethnic" - William W. Stein, Texas Tech University
"Backwaters Modernity: the small-town narrative in postcolonial India" -
Rashmi Varma, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

7.00pm - 7.30pm: Wine reception hosted by the Lord Mayor of Dublin

7.35pm: Opening Address "Writing the City Spatially" - Edward W. Soja,
University of California, Los Angeles

Saturday, 25 August
10.00am-11.00am - Reading and Writing Urban Lives: the city in literature
and media
"Newspapers as a daily orientation to urban living" - Paul S. Moore, York
"Place as Anthology: the collective city" - Sheila Hones, The University of

11.00am Keynote Address, Declan Kiberd, University College Dublin
"If a Flaneur Reads: the print culture of a city; reading Ankara, the
capital of Turkey, at the interface of the local and the global" - Aye
Saktanber, Middle East Technical University
"Cities and Nations in Revolution: from William Blake's London and Erin to
our New Jerusalem" - Bob Catterall, University of Newcastle

2.30pm Keynote Address, Gayatri Spivak, Columbia University, New York

3.30pm-6.30 - Whose City? A critical sociology
"Dis-Placing Dublin: Spencer Dock and the "needs" of the city" - Mervyn
Horgan, York University
"The Symbolic Work of The Horse in Dublin" - Meredith Risk, York University
"Medialabeurope: visions of digital redemption in Ireland's smart city" -
Denis Linehan, University College Cork
"Towards an Ecology of Suburbia" - Hugh Bartling, University of Central
"Place attachment, symbolic locale and the search for community" - Mary P.
Corcoran, NUI Maynooth

Sunday, 26 August

11.00am - 1.00pm - Spaces of Exclusion: ethnicity, gender and difference
"Queering Belfast" - Rob Kitchin, NUI Maynooth, Karen Lysaght, Queen's
University, Belfast
"Exclusionary Actions in Urban Ireland" - Michel Peillon, NUI Maynooth
"In the heart of the Hibernian post-metropolis: spatial narratives of ethnic
minorities and diasporic communities in a changing city" - Ronit Lentin,
Trinity College, Dublin
"Forging African Diaspora Places in Dublin's Retro-Global Spaces" - Elisa
Joy White, University of California at Berkeley

3.00pm-5.30pm - The Anthropology of Urban life: shifting contexts
"Ethnographic Joyriding: Notes on the Urban-Rural Continuum" - Stiofan O
Cadhla University College Cork
"Music, conflict, and identity: sounds that re-write the city" - Gabriele
Marranci, Queen's University, Belfast
"Researching The City: anthropology in a changing urban context: the case of
Beirut-Lebanon, Aseel Sawalha" - Knox College
"Developing Culture: social inclusion discourses and activities as
ethnographic problems" - A. Jamie Saris, Brendan Bartley, Ciara Kearns, and
Philip McCormack, NUI Maynooth

Monday, 27 August

11.00am: The City in the era of Globalisation: theories, methods and
"Cities like the spatial reflection of public space: the relationship
between the social and the practical dimensions in the constitution of
public space" - Daniela Vicherat, University of Warwick
"Backstage/Backtranslation" -Kerric Harvey, The George Washington University
"The city happens. Urban experiences in the era of global space" - Panu
Lehtovuori, Helsinki University of Technology & Research fellow, Manchester
Institute for Popular Culture
"Berlin's Analeptic Spaces of History" - Thomas Mical, University of
"The City is the Global Village: globalisation and the notion of the city in
Nigerian home video films" - Onookome Okome, University of Bayreuth, Germany

6.00pm, Closing Keynote Address, Professor Immanuel Wallerstein, Ferdinand
Braudel Centre

Conference closes with wine reception

Friday, 24 August - registration will take place from 12.00 in DBS, 13-14
Aungier Street, Dublin 2.
For further information, please contact, Mark Maguire or Paul Hollywood,
Phone: +353 - 1 - 6485485 or Email:

Mark Maguire or Paul Hollywood
DBS School of Arts (LSB College)
Balfe Street, Dublin 2
Tel.: +353 1 6485485

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