Q Jun 23, 2001

Technique and Profession of Corah (?) Etching

John Davies

Dear list,

I am looking for any information related to the technique or profession of
corah etching. I found a reference to that practice in documents from a
print shop operating in Hammersmith, London, in the 1850s.It was the
reference given to the occupation of a worker in the print shop.

There was also a "Historical Engraver" male who, I guess, had been educated
in the Classics so as to be able to produce historically "reliable" prints.

The citation is hand written and could be coral or corah. The OED makes
a brief reference to corah as a print technique as printing onto silk. I
am looking for a bit more on the process and if possible, the status of
the printmaker in the workshop.

Many thanks
John Davies
PhD candidate

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