Q 08.05.2001

Sheppard family trust

Dear list

I am looking for a painting by the American artist Robert Henry Logan,
'Crowded Beach, Le Pouldu', c.1900. It is credited as 'Sheppard Family
Trust'. Does anyone know how one might contact this Trust?

I am interested in Robert Henry Logan because I wish to reproduce his
painting 'Crowded Beach, Le Pouldu' in a chapter on the paradigm shift from
the 'grey' northern mode of plein-air painting of the 1880s to the 'sunny'
southern mode, starting around 1900. The painting will be illustrated in
David Crouch and Nina Lübbren, eds, 'Visual Culture and Tourism', Berg
Publishers, 2002. The Sheppard Family Trust is listed as the owner in David
Sellin's 'Americans in Brittany and Normandy', exhibition catalogue, Phoenix
Art Museum, 1983.

Any leads are gratefully received.
Nina Lübbren, Cambridge

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