ANN 16.03.2001

Selected Readings No. 83, online bibliography for the long 18th century

Wyatt Evans

online bibliography for the long 18th century

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FROM: Kevin Berland, < bcjPSU.EDU >
DATE: 14 March 2001 TIME: 3:13 PM

Hello, everybody! We are delighted to announce the publication of Selected
Readings, No. 83 (February-March, 2001), now available at this URL:

Selected Readings is an ongoing bibliography of current articles and books
on all sorts of subjects pertaining to the long eighteenth century (circa
1660-1830). The work is done by an intrepid and astute crew of volunteers
-- and we're always glad to welcome new volunteers to the project. For a
listing of journals we think ought to be covered, please take a look at
this page:, and let
us know if you'd be interested in joining us.

In this issue, by the way -- the most extensive one yet -- we offer
references to lots of new material about Africa (and Slavery & the African
Diaspora), Bibliography (including History of the Book), Economics,
Literature (English, French, German, Irish, Russian, Scottish, U.S., &c.),
History, Historiography, History of Art, History of Education, History of
Law, History of Medicine, History of Music, History of Religion, History of
Science, History of Sexuality, Maritime History, Philosophy, Political
Thought, Theatre History, Theory, and much more.

By the way, the site is searchable: -- the search
engine is now fully operative again.

Please take a look and let us know what you think.

Cheers -- Kevin Berland for C18-L

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