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The Afterlives of Past Disquiet (online, 7-10 Dec 20)

online (Universität Zürich), Dec 7–10, 2020

Daniel Berndt

The Afterlives of Past Disquiet. Legacies, Unwritten Histories and Transnational Solidarity

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"Past Disquiet", an archival and documentary exhibition followed by a publication, is the outcome of a research project conducted by Kristine Khouri and Rasha Salti. It started with the exploration of the International Art Exhibition for Palestine: an event that was organized by the PLO and took place in Beirut in 1978. This exhibition gathered and displayed artworks donated by international artists and was supposed to lay the groundwork for a future museum in solidarity with Palestine.

Today this collection is neither materially available, nor is its story written in official historical records. Following its traces and trails form the exhibition catalog, consulting private archives and meeting people formerly involved with the exhibition, the investigation of the histories contained within its making unearthed transnational artistic networks of anti-imperialist and anti-colonial liberation struggles. These networks collaborated to organize similar collections constituted in solidarity with other political causes: against the Pinochet dictatorship in Chile, in support of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa and the Sandinista revolution in Nicaragua.

Rather than an attempted reconstruction of the original exhibition, "Past Disquiet" became a display for Salti and Khouri’s research and a response to various collections or museums in exile, presenting related archival material, video montages of interviews with participants and other testimonies. Throughout the differing editions of "Past Disquiet" organized between 2015 and 2018 in four different cities, the exhibition space and its screens have functioned as a temporal showcase for the presence and absence, visibility and invisibility of certain images, militant artistic networks, and narratives of the past.

This webinar considers the afterlives of this long-term research endeavor. In three sessions with international scholars and artists, Khouri and Salti will discuss their plans to establish a digital archive to accommodate their findings, explore strategies to make the material available beyond the exhibition format and grant insight into their initiatives to encourage further research in Palestine.


Das Webinar diskutiert das Projekt "Past Disquiet" der libanesischen Kuratorinnen Rasha Salti und Kristine Khouri, das sich auf die Spuren der International Art Exhibition for Palestine begibt, die 1978 in Beirut während des Libanesischen Bürgerkriegs stattfand und trotz ihrer wichtigen Rolle innerhalb damaliger transnationaler Solidaritätsnetzwerke weder materiell überliefert noch in der offiziellen Historiografie verankert ist. Vom Rechercheprozess (private Archive und Oral History) über ein Ausstellungsformat bis hin zu einem Dokumentarfilm, Buchprojekten und einem digitalen Archiv verhandelt das Webinar mit interdisziplinären ExpertInnen Saltis und Khouris verschiedene Formen der Reaktivierung eines historischen politischen Kunstprojektes mit Fokus auf Ansätzen der Digital Humanities.

Gäste: Reem Shilleh (freischaffende Kuratorin und Autorin), Jared McCormick (Stellvertretender Direktor des Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies, New York University), Hannah Feldman (Associate Professor in Kunstgeschichte, Northwestern University), Rasha Salti (freie Kuratorin, Forscherin, Autorin), Kristine Khouri (freie Forscherin, Autorin, Vorstandsmitglied der Arab Image Foundation).

Organizers / OrganisatorInnen: Iris Fraueneder, Bruno Heller and Daniel Berndt


Session 1:
7.12.2020, 6–8pm CET
Past Disquiet: An Overview – Methods and Process
With Reem Shilleh, Rasha Salti and Kristine Khouri

Session 2:
8.12.2020, 6–8pm CET
Thinking through a Digital Archive
With Kristine Khouri and Jared McCormick

Session 3:
10.12.2020, 6–8pm CET
The Afterlives of Past Disquiet in Palestine
With Hannah Feldman and Rasha Salti

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