Journal for Art Market Studies: Politics

This issue of The Journal for Art Market Studies explores intersections between politics and art markets from the first half of twentieth century to the present. Discussions range from specific policies that have impacted on the marketing and acquisition of art objects to broader political decisions that shape, or have shaped, background social beliefs about the value of art and its institutions.

Guest editor Dr Kathryn Brown in the introduction

1. Editorial

2. Kathryn Brown, Introduction

3. Caroline Flick, Licensing and Relegation. A Totalitarian Trade Regime and Dealers’ Tactics

4. Marina Maximova, Reconstructing the Soviet Canon: Strategies for Collecting under Perestroika

5. Kathryn Brown, Private Influence, Public Goods, and the Future of Art History

6. Deirdre Robson, A Law of "Unintended" Consequences? United States Federal Taxation and the Market for Modern Art in the United States

7. Nicola Foster, The Art Market and Politics: The Case of the Sigg Collection

8. Ronit Milano, Moralizing the Art Market: A Socioeconomic Perspective on Art Auctions on the Floor and Online

TOC: Journal for Art Market Studies: Politics. In:, May 17, 2019 (accessed Feb 24, 2020), <>.

Contributor: Susanne Meyer-Abich, Deutsches Zentrum Kulturgutverluste

Contribution published: May 17, 2019

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