Exhibiting Art for Sale, Journal for Art Market Studies Vol.2, No. 1

The third issue of the Journal for Art Market Studies focuses on the role and development of the exhibition space in a commercial context, from the American barbershop to veritable art trade palaces built in Munich around 1900, as well as both forerunners of and alternatives to today's commercial gallery spaces.

Andrea Meyer, Introduction

Alison Stagg, The American Dressing Academy: a venue for early American caricature prints

Meike Hopp, Art Trade Palaces – Galleries of art dealers as architectural task and their reception in Munich around 1900

Malcolm Gee, Modern Art Galleries in Paris and Berlin c.1890-1933: types, policies and modes of display

Anne Luther, Artist-run Galleries - Differentiating Three Models in Current Contemporary Art Markets

Interview with Sebastian Baden

Helene Bosecker/Susanne Meyer-Abich, Conference report "The Art Fair"

TOC: Exhibiting Art for Sale, Journal for Art Market Studies Vol.2, No. 1. In: ArtHist.net, Feb 1, 2018 (accessed Nov 26, 2020), <https://arthist.net/archive/17275>.

Contributor: Susanne Meyer-Abich, Deutsches Zentrum Kulturgutverluste

Contribution published: Feb 1, 2018

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