Church Monuments 31, 2016

Vol. 31 for 2016 of the peer-reviewed international journal

Church Monuments

(ISSN 0268-7518, published annually by The Church Monuments Society) appeared this summer. It contains the following articles:


Sally Badham, 'The rise to popularity of alabaster for memorialisation in England' (pp. 11-67)

Sonsoles Garcia Gonzalez, 'The tabulae: Ephemeral epigraphy in the surroundings of medieval tombs' (pp. 68-84)

Trudi Brink, 'First-rate and second-hand: Tombstones produced by Vincent Lucas in sixteenth-century Friesland (Netherlands)' - Winner of the CMS Essay Prize Competition 2016 (pp. 85-121)

James Stevens Curl, 'Two contrasting seventeenth-century church monuments in the Province of Ulster' (pp. 122-152)

Sophie Oosterwijk with Alice Zamboni, 'Painted remembrance: The drawings and paintings of the Dutch seventeenth-century Ter Borch Family' (pp. 153-178)

Joanna Wolanska, '"Defuncctus adhoc loquitur": The monument to Archbishop Isaak Isakowicz in the Armenian Cathedral in Lvov' - Runner-up in the CMS Essay Competition 2016 (pp. 179-201)


Anthony J. Parkinson, 'Humphrey Llwyd of Denbigh: A musical monument' (pp. 202-208)


Fabian Persson - Karin Kryger (ed.), Danske Kongegrave. Selskabet til Udgivelse of danske Mindesmaerker (pp. 209-213)

Tobias Capwell - 'Matthew Ward, The Livery Collar in Late Medieval England and Wales: Politics, Identity and Affinity (pp. 214-222)

Jean Wilson and Norman Hammond - John Goodall, Parish Church Treasures: The Nation's Greatest Art Collection (pp. 223-227)

BOOK REVIEWS (pp. 228-272)

Articles are digitally available through EBSO. Print copies of the journal can be ordered via

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