CONF 28.10.2015

Art Criticism 2.0 (Prague, 6 Nov 15)

Veletržní Palác, National Gallery, Prague, Czech Republic, 06.11.2015

Jakub Stejskal

Art Criticism 2.0
Conference organized by the Věra Jirousová Award for Young and Established Art Critics and the Research Center of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
6 November 2015, Veletržní palác, National Gallery in Prague

It has become an established fact that the rise of the social media has had a decisive impact on the production and dissemination of art imagery. While there has been a lot of talk over the last five years of art 'after the internet', that is, of art existing in the cultural milieu that takes online access as a matter of course, the effects of this condition on art criticism have been just as dramatic, if less discussed. The privileged places of art-critical exposure - catalogue essay, curatorial remarks, broadsheet review, glossy art magazine article, academic research paper, art-historical monograph, and their online versions - have been challenged by new means of accessing the art-critical discourse ('joining the debate'): blog entry, tweet, youtube video, facebook status/comment. Our conference wants to investigate the recent configuration of forces and voices within art criticism.


1:30pm - registration

2:00pm - welcome address: Adam Budak (National Gallery), Karina Kottová (Věra Jirousová Award), Václav Magid and Jakub Stejskal (Research Center of the Academy of Fine Arts)

2:30pm - Sebastian Mühl (University of Art and Design, Offenbach), artistic research as a challenge for art criticism

3:00pm - Eve Kalyva (Amsterdam), where are my keys? the now of the critique in a plurality of voices

3:30pm - coffee break

4:00pm - Tom Clark (BAK, Utrecht), made in spite of, defiantly enmeshed among, the internet

4:30pm - Elisa Rusca (Berlin), tumbling down the rabbit hole: considerations about the use of social platforms to publish art criticism online

5:00pm - Natalia Fedorova (Smolny College, St. Petersburg), abc of image object: on the degree of abstraction of documentary art photographs on social media

5:30pm - coffee break

5:45pm - keynote lecture: David Joselit (October, CUNY Graduate Center), slow art manifesto

7:00pm - end of conference

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