CFP Dec 1, 2014

Session at MAHS 2015 (Minneapolis/St. Paul, 26-28 Mar 15)

Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota, USA, Mar 26–28, 2015
Deadline: Dec 15, 2014

Amy Hamlin, St. Catherine University

Call for Papers

"Art History and its Audiences"
Session at the 2015 Midwest Art History Society Annual Conference
Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN

Session Chair: Amy K. Hamlin, St. Catherine University (

Who have art history’s audiences been? Who are they now? Who might they be? More than an invitation to idle thought experiments, these questions raise concerns of urgent public interest, as support for the humanities appears to be eroding in a perfect storm of economic, political, and technological shifts. If art history is a paradigmatic humanities discipline, then there is much at stake and much to act on. Take for example the stagnant and declining enrollments in college and university art history programs, or the recent decision by several U.S. museums, including the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, to join Snapchat in a bid to reach younger audiences. What are our opportunities and challenges, resources and obstacles? What is potentially lost or gained in efforts to recruit new audiences? Are the goals of diversification and expansion paramount, or are there other objectives to prioritize? What might be learned from past experiences to think through future possibilities? This aspirational session invites papers that respond to any one of these questions in theory and/or in practice and with an eye to imagining a more sustainable future for our discipline. Proposals might include concrete or anecdotal evidence that focuses on a single audience or multiple audiences that – like a Venn diagram – overlap in meaningful and productive ways.

We welcome your participation in the 2015 Midwest Art History Society Annual Conference held in Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN on March 26–28, 2015.
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In most cases, conference presentations are expected to be under twenty minutes long. Proposals of no more than 250 words and a two-page CV should be emailed to the chairs of individual sessions. Deadline for submissions: December 15, 2014.

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