CONF Nov 23, 2014

Philosophy of Art Today (Moscow, 27-29 Nov 14)

Moscow, State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts, Nov 27–29, 2014

Oliver Grau

The International conference Philosophy of Art Today, organized by the
Polytechnic Museum together with the Art Foundation Moscow Biennale,
will take place at the State Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow.

Traditional conferences of the Polytechnic Museum and Art Foundation
Moscow Biennale finally join their efforts to conduct the first
international meeting for researchers of contemporary art, philosophers,
new media theorists and experts, researchers of the ways science and
technology affect art.

The primary task of the conference Philosophy of Art Today is to discuss
the way that philosophy of art correlates with philosophy of science and
technology, the way technology and science affect contemporary human
studies, and the cultural transformations taking place in the modern
technological society.

The conference Philosophy of Art Today is mainly intended for
professional audience—art historians, philosophers, experts in social
and cultural studies, curators, museum professionals, as well as
research scientists and engineers.

The professional program of the conference schedules reports and
following panel discussions. Apart from the daytime professional
session, evening public lectures accessible to all visitors will be held
as well.

The conference is supported by the Embassy of France and the Embassy of
Finland in Moscow.

Conference program

November 27, 2014

Oliver GRAU
"Digital Arts Imagery"


Maria LIND
"Bringing together philosophy of art and curating"

"Art and Ethics"

Christopher FYNSK
"The Containment of Difference - Jacque Rancière's Place in Modern
French Thought"

Alexander García DÜTTMANN
"Art as Exposure"

15.00 - 16.00
Panel discussion moderated by Joseph BACKSTEIN and Sven-Olov WALLENSTEIN

Christopher FYNSK
"Claim of the Image"
public lecture

Alexander Garcia DÜTTMANN
public lecture


"Media Archaelogy and Contemporary Art - Communications and Cross-overs"

"Philosophy on the Periphery"

Matthew KENYON
"The aesthetics of accumulation and waste"

"Art and Science: Artist as a Researcher"

15.00 - 16.00
Panel discussion moderated by Oliver GRAU and Irina ARISTARKHOVA

"Media Archaeology as an Approach: Continuities and Transformations in
Media Culture"
public lecture

Conference closing

Partner of the conference Philosophy of Art Today—State Pushkin Museum
of Fine Arts

Conference venue: Museion Educational Centre, State Pushkin Museum of
Fine Arts (6 Kolymazhniy lane, bldg. 2, Moscow)

Public lectures venue: Private Collections Department, State Pushkin
Museum of Fine Arts (10 Volkhonka str., Moscow)

Lectures and discussions admission is free. Pre-registration is

The Polytechnic Museum, founded in 1872, is one of the oldest and the
largest science and technology museums in the world. Today, the
Polytechnic Museum goes beyond collecting and preserving the unique
achievements of the human mind, embodied in devices and objects; now it
contributes to communication of various fields of science—from astronomy
to genetics. The principal aim of the Museum's team is to draw the
audience's interest to knowledge and achievements of the human mind,
inspire students and support young professionals.
Since 2013, the historical building of the Polytechnic Museum is closed
for renovation. In April, 2014, the Polytechnic Museum opened the
exhibition Rossiya Delaet Sama at the VDNKh Pavilion No. 26, which is
dedicated to the progress of Russian science. The new exhibition shall
become the key, yet not the only venue of the Museum for the period of
the historical building's renovation, which is to last till 2017.
The Technopolis Moscow hosts the Museum fonds and the Polytechnic
Library, while the Lectorium and the Science Labs for children are open
at the ZIL Culture Centre.
For the Polytechnic Museum, 2014 was also marked by the start of its
program Polytech.Science.Art dedicated to one of the most significant
phenomena of contemporary culture—interdisciplinary collaboration
between artists, scientists and engineers.

The Art Foundation Moscow Biennale was established in 2005. Being one of
the key organizations implementing projects in contemporary art, the
foundation considers its principal task to popularize contemporary art
and promote international cultural contacts of Russia in the world.
Every two years, the foundation holds the most significant exhibition
event in Russia—Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. Moscow Biennale,
the largest show of achievements of Russian contemporary art, holds
pride of place in a list of large-scale international events like Vienna
and Istanbul Biennale, as well as the European biennale Manifesta. The
foundation runs regular public conferences featuring world-famous
artists, art theorists, social and political science experts,

The participants of the conferences, organized by the foundation,
include Giorgio AGAMBEN, Chantal MOUFFE, Christoph MENKE, Robert STORR
and many others.

The Polytechnic Museum Press Office
Natalya Aredova
+7 916 008 12 72
+7 915 108 30 31;

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