CFP Nov 15, 2014

Icons and Iconology (Rijeka 1-4 Jun / Clinton MA 11-13 Jun 2015)

Rijeka (Croatia) and Clinton (USA), Jun 1–04, 2015
Deadline: Feb 15, 2015

marina vicelja, Department of Art History, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Ninth International Conference of Iconographic Studies "Icons and Iconology"

Icons, iconography and iconology represent some of the most prominent concepts and research topics of art history. They refer both to a particular artistic practice, to liturgical objects, and to methods of art historical interpretations. Given this multitude of meanings and functions that the concepts of icon, iconic, iconography and iconology imply, it is not surprising that all of them have been interpreted as objects of theological reflection, didactic instruments, media of transmitting visual, aesthetic and metaphysical content, and, finally, as artworks in the modern sense of the word.
The conference seeks to explore and discuss recent development in the dialogue between theology, art history, philosophy and cultural theory concerning the ways we can perceive and interpret icons, iconography and iconology. It is also our objective to offer an insight into the development of iconographic studies and related disciplines, and to reflect upon their future development in the broader context of the humanities.
We welcome academic papers that will approach icons, iconography and iconology in an interdisciplinary and methodologically diverse way. The themes and subjects can include the following:
- Icons, iconography and iconology: “Western” and “Eastern” perspectives
- Sacred and profane icons
- Reverse perspective: formal and metaphysical dimensions
- Icons as a medium and metaphor
- Icons of power, icons as power
- Icon and modern culture
- Icons and film and digital media
- Icons and the “canon” of modern art
- Modern and contemporary icon painting
- Theological and philosophical reception of icons
- Iconoclasm(s)

It is two-part trans-continental conference that will be held in
Rijeka (Croatia), June 01 - 04, 2015
and in
Clinton (MA; USA), June 11 – 13, 2015

Deadline for paper proposals: February 15, 2015

Paper proposals should be submitted for both conferences electronically to

A paper proposal should contain:

1.full name, institution, affiliation, address, phone number(s), e-mail address
3.abstract (maximum 2 pages – 500 words)

RIJEKA - there will be NO registration fee
CLINTON – there will be a 100 USD fee

Administration and organizational costs, working materials, lunch and coffee breaks during conference as well as all organized visits are covered by the organizers.
All presented papers will be published in the thematic issue of the IKON journal in May 2016.

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