CFP Mar 6, 2014

Nationalisms in Art (Barcelona, 22-25 Oct 14)

University of Barcelona, Oct 22–25, 2014
Deadline: Apr 20, 2014


We are pleased to invite you to attend the International Seminar
the research group ACAF/ART-GEAM Grup d'Estudis d'Art Modern, that
will be held from 22 to 25 October 2014 at the University of Barcelona
and the Pompeu Fabra University, also located in Barcelona.

The seminar will deal both with power relations in the representations
of identity and with the role of proto-nationalisms in the artistic
creations of the 15th-18th centuries, without neglecting their
situation in the contemporary world.

The art of all times can be understood as a creative tool involving
social and political realities as well as aesthetic and cognitive
processes, which, among other things, aim to achieve both universal
beauty, and the expression of the artists’ inner world, reaffirming
the We, Our world and Our identity, in front of the Other, the Other’s
world and his/her identity.

However, we are bound by the accelerated process of economic,
technological, social and cultural globalization, which has placed us
within a dynamic and unstable reality, where the We seems to have been
drastically eroded. Consequently, it is unthinkable to pinpoint
artistic expression in specific territorial and cultural coordinates.

Although the globalization process unifies the symbolic systems and
the collective imagination of the different cultures, it also
nourishes the appreciation of the We and the Self, the local culture,
and emphasizes differences and identity. Nowadays, this dialogue
between the local and the global results in cultural identities which
do not remain pure and clearly defined by being a member of a specific
territory and culture.

NATIONALISMS IN ART aims to investigate the extent to which these kind
of identities appear in the Modern Era, in a period when cultural
identity tends to occur within a complex network of political,
economic, social and cultural relations, sustained by power, which
from Renaissance to Romanticism interferes rhizomatically and
determinedly with the concept of nation and the ideological and
sentimental construction of nationalisms.

Submissions of 20 minutes papers are welcome mainly in Catalan and
Spanish, however, papers in the other ACAF/ART-GEAM official languages
are also accepted (English, French, Italian).

Acceptance of Proposals
Proposals will be selected by the scientific committee of the seminar,
chaired by Joan Sureda, main researcher of the ACAF/ART- GEAM team.
The accepted proposals will be announced no later than 31 May 2014.

Paper Submission Deadline
After acceptance, the final papers (maximum 3,000 words) must be
submitted via email to the above mentioned address before 15 July

Audiovisual Requirements
The organization will provide audiovisual equipment, which supports
PowerPoint and Keynote presentations.

There will be no simultaneous translation. The final version of the
papers must be submitted before the aforementioned deadline in one of
the official languages of the seminar (Catalan, Spanish, English,
French, Italian). The texts will be translated into other languages by
the organization and distributed during the seminar.

Online Publication
All papers will be recorded and posted online (video/audio/text) on
the ACAF/ART- GEAM web page.

The scientific book series ACAF-ART LLIBRES will publish a monograph
including the papers and articles, revised by their authors after the
seminar, which go successfully through a peer review process.

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