WWW 27.02.2014

Digitizing the Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard

Bert Watteeuw

Twenty-two volumes in the Corpus Rubenianum Ludwig Burchard series have been made available online as searchable and downloadable PDF-files on the Rubenianum website:


Embedded hyperlinks in the PDF files link to records in the RKDimage database, allowing for the publication of bibliographic data and provenance information that were not available at the time of print publication of the CRLB. The image records also contain color images, improving on the black and white illustrations used in the CRLB. Moreover, they also provide images of copies which were mentioned in the CRLB but which were not illustrated in the printed volumes.

In the years to come additional volumes of the catalogue raisonné of Rubens's oeuvre will be digitized and Rubenianum staff will progressively work through the series to enrich and update all volumes online through RKDimage records. This project is supported by the Digital Resources Grants Program of The Samuel H. Kress Foundation.

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