CFP Nov 17, 2013

Persona Journal, Issue: Experiments and Displacements

Deadline: Jan 15, 2014

Marco Miranda

Call for Articles

Persona Journal
Guest editor: Eduarda Neves

Critical Approaches that place the role of cinema and / or Theatre in
the territory of contemporary art will be encouraged.

Possible topics:

- Poetics and Politics;
- Artistic Collaborations;
- From the screening room to the exhibition space
- Narratives of History / Imaginary and Power
- Production of subjectivities
- Dimensions of the cinematic device in contemporary artistic
- production
- Theatricality and performativity in the contemporary scene: Dialogues

Deadline: January 15, 2014


Reporting date, if accepted: February 17, 2014

Persona Journal - Presentation
"Persona" is proposed as the common point that relates two distinct
forms of expression, the Theater and Cinema.
If in theater the word Persona refers to the mask or the character that
is experienced by the actor, in Cinema is directly linked to filmmaker
Ingmar Bergman and his 1966 film, considered by many as one of his
We agree that these are forms of expression that travel separate paths,
but it is certain that never in a way so diverging, that makes it
impossible to look at the two as "sisters."
The Department of Theatre and Film of Escola Superior Artística do Porto
presents you the Persona Magazine... A publication dedicated to the
research, creation and debate of ideas...
A journal with the goal of being complete, enlightened and undoubtedly
will provide you passionate readings.

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