CFP Nov 7, 2013

Bandes Dessinées as a Cultural Nexus (Prague, 13-14 Dec 2013)

Prague, Grand Majestic Plaza, Dec 13–14, 2013
Deadline: Nov 15, 2013

Euroacademia, Euroacademia

Call for Papers for the Panel:

The Sequential Art: Bandes Dessinées as a Cultural Nexus

(As part of the Second Global Forum of Critical Studies organized by Euroacademia in Prague, Czech Republic)
Deadline 15 November 2013


“Comics are just words and images. You can do anything with words and images.” Harvey Pekar

The phenomenon known as comics, bandes dessinées, graphic story or fumetti was first defined as sequential art by Will Eisner in his work Comics and Sequential Art (1985). Further inquiries were led by Scott Mc Cloud (Understanding Comics) or Benoît Peeters (Lire la bande dessinée) in trying to establish a theoretical framework for this mean of expression. After a long period of being perceived as a childish form of entertainment, nowadays the sequential art is a well-known and respected form of art and it has even became the field of academic research.

This panel aims to feature the transdisciplinarity of its subjects and its methods, to bring together different ways of approaches, and to highlight its numerous possibilities of cultural dialogue. The panel welcomes contributions regarding the following topics, but any other paper or subject related to sequential art are most appreciated:

• Mainstream, independent and underground comics traditions
• How comics have been a way of expression to social and historical subjects
• Theoretical and critical approaches of comics
• Otherness in comics: depiction of exotic places and alterity
• The Superhero prototype: a way of understanding the American way of life?
• The Space In Between. On Time and Space in comics. Phenomenological interpretations
• The connection between comics and architecture: François Schuiten – Les cités obscures
• Comics versus Movies

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