CFP Sep 21, 2013

Antennae journal, issue: Multispecies Intra-actions

United Kingdom
Deadline: Feb 1, 2014

Giovanni Aloi, Roehampton University

Call for Papers

Quantum theories of new (feminist) materialism and multispecies
worlding in contemporary art

A clock adjusted to fungal time and soap made from human and equid
milk: these artworks play at the edge of possibility, sedimentations
of worlds becoming. 19 artists recently responded to physicist and
philosopher of science Karen Barad's notion of 'intra-action,'
investigating the generative possibilities of species encounters.
“Intra-action: Multispecies becomings in the Anthropocene” coincided
with the 2013 Australian Animal Studies Group conference “Life in the
Anthropocene” and installations exposed curious workings of refreshed
conceptions about agency, justice and 'life' itself. Barad draws her
core insights from her empirical research as a quantum physicist and
extends theory through shared observations with biologists,
ecologists, and world politics. Like Barad, “Intra-action”
demonstrated the will to move beyond 'anthropocentric' and 'humanist'
modes of artistic practice and aesthetics. In this issue of Antennae,
several of these philosopher-artists write about the 'multispecies
worlding' underpinning their practices. We invite other thinkers and
artists working from these perspectives to contribute papers,
interviews, and/or fictional works accompanied by high quality images
from their own practices. Contributions from the related fields of
'new materialism,' 'new feminist materialism,' multispecies
ethnography,' 'posthumanism,' and 'object oriented ontology' are also

Antennae is a quarterly experimental, academic, peer-reviewed
publication which broadens the debate on subjects such as animal and
environment in Visual Culture. We take an eclectic editorial approach
bringing together academic essays, fiction, feature articles,
interviews and the use of high quality images. We aim to encourage
contributors to engage in creative approaches that may not fit within
the requirements of standard academic journals. Antennae has become a
point of reference for academics, art connoisseurs, enthusiasts,
artists, animal lovers, curators and students.

Please contact Giovanni Aloi, Editor in Chief of Antennae in order to
discuss proposals and submissions.

Academic essays = maximum length 8000 words
Interviews = maximum length 10000 words
Fiction = maximum length 8000 words

Submission Deadline: 1st of February 2014

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