CFP Apr 1, 2013

Regionalisms and Modernisms in Dialogue (Greensboro, 30 Oct-2 Nov 2013)

Greensboro, NC, Oct 30–Nov 2, 2013
Deadline: Apr 20, 2013

Mary Manning, Rutgers University

Call for Papers for the panel:
Reciprocal Exchanges: Regionalisms and Modernisms in Dialogue
(As part of The Southeastern College Art Conference 2013 Annual Conference, Greensboro, NC)

Recently, art historians have zealously endeavored to decenter or re-center formulations of modernisms (or Modernisms) away from the dominant urban centers of Paris, Berlin, London, and New York and toward artistic activities in more peripheral locations. Though exploring the native milieux of various modern artists has illuminated the significance of regional academic traditions and aesthetic preferences, as well as historical contingencies of place and geography, these studies have often privileged analysis of these peripheral circumstances over creating dialogue with the narratives of modernism that still prevail within much of art history. In contrast, this session will explore how considerations of 'periphery' inform those of 'center,' and vice versa, asserting that neither alone may sufficiently address the influences and outputs in these projects of scholarly recentering. Possible paper topics may include secessionist challenges to regional academies in Europe, educational opportunities or exhibitions complementing or extending those of hegemonic institutions, geographically decentered iterations of modernist movements in dialogue with their metropolitan counterparts, or individual artists who moved between regions as their careers progressed. Preference will be given to projects that address art created or displayed between 1850 and 1950 and embrace interdisciplinary methodologies.

Session chairs: Shannon Connelly, Rutgers University, and Mary Manning, Rutgers University.


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