CFP Feb 4, 2013

Art and gender: women creators in Latin America

Deadline: Feb 28, 2013

Deborah Dorotinsky, UNAM

Artelogie Journal Appel à contribution N° 5
Art and gender: women creators in Latin America

Org: Ana Paula Cavalcanti Simioni (professor, IEB/USP-Brazil), Maira
Ishtar de Luca (PhD student, Efisal/CRAL-EHESS), Deborah Dorotinsky
(researcher, IIE-UNAM, Mexico)

For this edition of Artelogie we intend to explore on the one hand the
possible intersection between artistic creation (production) and gender
relations, and on the other, the relationship that gender studies have
with those of territoriality. We aim to establish a dialogue between
scholars working in and on Latin America.

Since the publication of Linda Nochlin's well known essay "Why have
there been no great women artists?" (1971), we can assert that women's
scarce presence in the History of Art became a prolific topic of
research, capable of generating a methodological renewal of the

This edition of Arteologie dedicated to Women producers, mostly in the
visual arts (painting, sculpture, design, architecture, decoration,
fashion, etc.) but not exclusively, can become a privileged opportunity
to bring together researchers in Latin America and elsewhere already
involved in the topic.

We propose here to have studies on art and on gender converge with
postcolonial theories. The latter as decisive contributions to the
political critique of the universal subject, predominant actors of
traditional art historical narratives, usually centered in the myth of
the artist as genius, solitary transgressor that supposes a male
subject, preferably white and western. (Griselda Pollock, Tamar Garb).
Feminist studies have put forth assertive critiques to the sexist
purposes that impregnate the categories on which judgment, selection
and values within canonical art historical discourse is founded.

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before 30/03/2013. In case your abstract is selected, completed article
must be sent by 30/06/2013.
Texts are welcomed in French, Spanish, Portuguese and English.

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