CFP Apr 12, 2024

Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis special issue, 2025

Deadline: May 31, 2024

Lina Michelkevičė
Acta Academiae Artium Vilnensis (AAAV) calls for submission to a special issue "Medieval Culture: Studies, Interpretations, Continuations" (forthcoming 2025).

For many Europeans, the culture of the Middle Ages is a wellspring of national identity and historical imagination. Discovered in different ways by each generation, the Middle Ages surprise and perplex, comfort and disturb. Researchers find in this epoch the origins of formations that have become phenomena in an increasingly global modernity. For artists, it is a period when the work of art transcended authorship, when incongruity meant suggestion, when the perceiver saw with his eyes and felt with his body. The research on medieval culture is a key prerequisite for scholarly and creative interpretations, and this issue seeks to present the state of research and creative responses to medieval culture.

Articles based on academic and artistic research are invited until 31 May 2024. Please send full papers (5000-7000 words) in Lithuanian or English to the editor of the issue prof. dr. Giedrė Mickūnaitė giedre.mickunaite(at) Please follow author guidelines by Vilnius Academy of Arts Press The issue is expected to be published by the middle of 2025.

AAAV is a peer-reviewed periodical issued four times a year, publishing original art historical and artistic research, reviews of publications in art history, and art history sources.

The main focus of the journal is on the history of visual arts, architecture and design, contemporary art and visual culture, as well as artistic research, but the journal may also publish research in other fields of art, sociology of culture, and philosophy, if they are relevant to the topic of a particular issue. It is one of the few peer-reviewed periodicals in art history that also contribute to the dissemination of artistic research, publishing peer-reviewed texts by artists researchers alongside scholarly articles.

The journal is published in Lithuania, so due to its geographical location and the region’s historical and cultural links, the focus of the publications is on Eastern and Central Europe. When the geographical coverage is broadened by research on the art and culture of other regions and countries, it reveals the extent to which artistic ideas and trends have spread and artistic connections were made, both in the present day and in other historical periods.

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