CFP Apr 8, 2024

Art Review Oxford, Issue 9 / Spring 2024: Translation/Mistranslation

Deadline: Apr 15, 2024

Jason Waite

The triannual print publication Art Review Oxford focused on the intersection of art and critical theory is issuing an open call for essays, texts, and artwork related to Translation/Mistranslation. Submissions should be between 700-1200 words and relate to one of the six key themes of the issue:

- Exploring ideas of languages that rebel, refuse, and reimagine.
- The problems presented within the process of translation, specifically when assuming
that English is the output.
- How language fails to hold ideas in one form while succeeding in other ideas.
- Ways in which trans-languaging has been used as a tool against the institution.
- How have online outputs affected the way we perceive language (AI, word limits, captions).
- How individuals use 'broken' language in their practice to reconstruct their identities from territories and cultural histories that are fragmented.

Email submissions to by Monday, April 15, 2024.

CFP: Art Review Oxford, Issue 9 / Spring 2024: Translation/Mistranslation. In:, Apr 8, 2024 (accessed Jun 19, 2024), <>.