TOC Mar 28, 2024

FNG Research 1/2024

Anna Luhtala

FNG Research is the open-access web magazine of the Finnish National Gallery for art museum and art history professionals internationally.

In issue 1/2024 Director of Collections Management Riitta Ojanperä writes in her editorial about the importance of the Finnish National Gallery’s Research Internship Programme. Dr Yvette Deseyve, Deputy Director of Alte Nationalgalerie, Berlin, sheds light on early women artists’ careers and their relevance in art history. Saara Karhunen, Curator at the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, has written an article on the themes of Kiasma’s new collections exhibition. Last year’s FNG Research interns Maria Hynninen and Eero Karjalainen have written articles on their research topics; Hynninen on the cultural relationships between Finland and France and Karjalainen on a speculative approach to researching the FNG’s collection.


RIITTA OJANPERÄ: Editorial: Nurturing Museum-based Research
YVETTE DESEYVE: Pioneering Women Artists – an Omission in Art History?
SAARA KARHUNEN: Where I Hang My Coat – On Communities and Belonging
MARIA HYNNINEN: Facets of Finnish Cultural Diplomacy – A Case Study of the Finnish Contemporary Art Exhibition ‘Facettes de Finlande’ 1975
EERO KARJALAINEN: A Collection on the Horizon – Speculative Ecologies and the Collections of the Finnish National Gallery
Two Research Interns Selected by the Finnish National Gallery for 2024

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