TOC Jun 7, 2023

Print Quarterly XL, no. 2, June 2023

Rhoda Eitel-Porter, Print Quarterly

The Pope and the Grindstone: A Jacobean Satirical Print by HELEN PIERCE 131.

Watteau and Boucher Conjoined: Imagining China in Marquetry by KEE IL CHOI JR. 138.

Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Tischbein’s Album of Prints in the British Museum by LESLEY FULTON 150.

Shorter Notice
Albrecht Dürer as St George: A Proposal by MARJORIE B. COHN 170.

Gateways to the Book: Frontispieces and Title-Pages in Early Modern Europe by AN VAN CAMP 175.

Warsaw’s German Prints (Old Master Prints from the 15th Century to the 1820s: German School, Barthel Beham and Sebald Beham. The Print Room of the University of Warsaw Library, Catalogue of the Collection) by SÉVERINE LEPAPE 176.

Sixteenth-Century German Prints in Italian Private Collections (Incisori Tedeschi del Cinquecento) by GIULIA BARTRUM 178.

Venetian Drawings and Prints in Munich (Venedig: La Serenissima – Zeichnungen und Druckgraphik aus vier Jahrhunderten) by MICHAEL MATILE 180.

Castiglione at the Kunsthaus Zürich (Baroque Brilliance: Drawings and Prints by Giovanni Benedetto Castiglione) by TOM RASSIEUR 183.

Hadriaan Beverland (1650–1716) in London (Blinded by Curiosity: The Collector-Dealer Hadriaan Beverland (1650–1716) and his Radical Approach to the Printed Image) by ANTONY GRIFFITHS 186.

Print Collections and Collectors in Europe, 1500–1815 (Curieux d’Estampes. Collections et collectionneurs de gravures en Europe (1500–1815)) by KRISTEL SMENTEK 189.

A History of Rome in Maps by MARK MCDONALD 192.

Ernst Riecker’s and Otto Freiherr von Breitschwert’s Collections in Backnang and Tübingen by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN 194.

Learning to Draw (Linie lernen: Die Kunst zu zeichnen) by MICHAEL MATILE 195.

Nineteenth-Century Series of Artists’ Portraits (Pantheon und Boulevard: Künstler in Porträtserien des 19. Jahrhunderts. Druckgrafik und Fotografie) by F. CARLO SCHMID 197.

Decoration in Fin-de-siècle Books (Éloge du parergon : L’Art décoratifs du livre fin-de-siècle) by STEPHEN CALLOWAY 198.

Ogata Gekkō (1859–1920) (Printed and Painted: The Meiji Art of Ogata Gekkō (1859–1920)) by ALFRED HAFT 201.

Giovanni Guerrini (1887–1972) (Tra Preraffaellismo e Liberty. Opere 1908–1928) by MARTIN HOPKINSON 204.

Nikolai Astrup (1880–1928) at Williamstown by MARTIN HOPKINSON 205.

Harald Sohlberg (1869–1935) by MARTIN HOPKINSON 207.

Edward McKnight Kauffer (1890–1954) by MARTIN HOPKINSON 209.

Matisse: The Books by STEPHANIE D’ALESSANDRO 211.

The Strong Black Women of Elizabeth Catlett by LISA E. FARRINGTON 213.

Twentieth-Century Reproductive Engravers (Le Serviteur inspiré: Portrait de l’artiste en travailleur de l’ombre) by CHRISTIAN RÜMELIN 216.

Forty Years of Printmaking – Anita Klein by PAUL COLDWELL 217.

Obituary for Johann Christian Georg von Heusinger (1928–2022) by THOMAS SCHAUERTE 218.

Catalogue and Book Reviews
Marcantonio Raimondi: Raphael’s Engraver and Beyond (Marcantonio Raimondi: Il primo incisore di Raffaello. Atti del convegno internazionale Urbino 23–25 ottobre 2019, and Giorgio Vasari e la vita di Marcantonio Bolognese, e d’altri intagliatori di stampe, edited by G. M. Fara) by ANGELIKA MARINOVIC 220.

Alfred Kubin: Confessions of a Tortured Soul by MARSHA MORTON 224.

Erich Heckel: A New Catalogue Raisonné of the Prints (Werkverzeichnis der Druckgraphik) by AYA SOIKA 228.

Pop on Paper: Von Warhol bis Lichtenstein by SUSAN TALLMAN 231.

Lucian Freud (Catalogue Raisonné of the Prints) by PAUL COLDWELL 234.

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