CFP Jan 19, 2022

Archivo Papers Journal, Call for Editors Vol. 3/2023

Deadline: Mar 31, 2022

Ana C. Pinho

Archivo Papers Journal (APJ) accepts editorial proposals for Volume 3, 2023, through individual or group submissions.

We encourage the participation from applicants from a multidisciplinary scope that may contribute for a diverse scholarly approach, both practical and theoretical. We are especially keen to hear from those who may have specialist expertise in fields such as photography; visual studies, art history and visual culture; cultural and media studies; documentary; social and cultural theory; anthropology, as well as other fields related to image-based study and visually-based research.

There are no submission fees, publication fees or page charges for this journal.



Archivo Papers Journal is a peer-reviewed journal published by Archivo Press, founded in 2021 by Archivo Photography and Visual Culture Research Platform and the International Association of Photography and Visual Culture (IAPVC). The journal is published twice a year and is devoted to the practice, theory and criticism of photography, understood through an expanded field and ranging across all geographical and cultural contexts. It has an interdisciplinary character that provides diverse scholarly approaches, both practical and theoretical, which is reflected by an interdisciplinary Research Network who contribute with their expertise toward the development of visually-based research in photography, visual studies, art history and visual culture, cultural and media studies, documentary, sociology, anthropology, as well as other fields related to image-based study.


Archivo Papers Journal welcomes submissions from candidates who fit the following requirements:
— Must have been awarded a PhD or equivalent doctoral degree
— At least 3 years of research experience after PhD or equivalent doctoral degree
— Minimum of 5 publication records articles and /or books in specific research field
— Must be proficient in English language
— APJ Guest editors should conform within the aims and scope of the journal's research framework.

To submit a proposal, candidates should provide the following information:
1. Candidate(s) name(s) and contact information
2. Proposed volume theme/draft title
3. Description of the nature and scope of the volume’s topic (300-500 words)
4. List of potential reviewers for the manuscripts (5-7 reviewers)


Editor(s) propose the theme and scope of a new volume of Archivo Papers Journal and respective call for papers. Editor(s) is also responsible for reviewing the manuscripts' final drafts, as well as providing short annotations of the articles, whenever necessary.

Editor(s) should also:
— adhere to the editorial schedule and respect the work deadlines;
— attend editorial meetings with Editors and Research Network;
Furthermore, we encourage Editors to participate in events and other initiatives connected to APJ.

Each application will be subject to a double blind peer-review.

​Should you have any queries, please contact us on

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