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Journal of Art Historiography, No. 25, December 2021

Richard Woodfield, University of Birmingham

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Under the Greek sky: New approaches to Winckelmann’s reception and historiography

Guest editors: Fiona K. A. Gatty (Oxford) & Amy C. Smith (Reading)

Introduction 25/GS1

Eckart Marchand (Warburg Institute), ‘Apostles of Good Taste? The use and perception of plaster casts in the Enlightenment’ 25/EM1

Fiona K. A. Gatty (University of Oxford), ‘Re-dressing the balance: Winckelmann, Greek costume and the Ideal’ 25/FG1

Aris Sarafianos (University of Ioannina), ‘Convenient misunderstandings: Winckelmann’s History of Art and the reception of meteorocultural models in Britain’ 25/AS1

Andrew Burnett (Independent), ‘Coins and Winckelmann. Winckelmann and coins’ 25/AB1

Amy C. Smith (University of Reading), ‘Winckelmann’s influence on the Neoclassical reception of Greek vases’ 25/ACS1

The Influence of the Vienna School of Art History II: The 100th Anniversary of Max Dvořák’s Death

With the editorial assistance of Tomáš Murár (Czech Academy of Sciences)

Tereza Hrdličková (Charles University in Prague) and Tomáš Murár (Czech Academy of Sciences), ‘Conference report’ 25/HM1

Csilla Markója (Eötvös Lorand Research Network, Budapest), ‘Everyday life at the Dvořák Seminar, on the basis of contemporary sources. Addenda to the history of the Vienna School of Art History’ 25/CM1

Martin Horáček (Palacký University Olomouc, and the Faculty of Architecture, Brno University of Technology), ‘Max Dvořák: Catechism of Conservation for the twentieth and twenty-first centuries?’ 25/HM1

Rostislav Švácha (Charles University in Prague), ‘”A higher architectural unity”: Max Dvořák on new buildings in historical settings’ 25/RS1

Tomáš Murár (Czech Academy of Sciences), ‘Max Dvořák’s Michelangelo’ 25/TM1

Ivan Gerát (Slovak Academy of Sciences in Bratislava and the University of Trnava), ‘Dvořák on the revolutionary temporalities of art’ 25/IG1

Barbara Czwik (Independent), ‘Max Dvořák, Rudolf Carnap and the question of Weltanschauung vs. Weltauffassung’ 25/BC1

Magdalena Kunińska (Jagiellonian University), ‘Identity built on myth. Fact and fiction in the foundational narrative of the ‘Cracow School of Art History’ and its relations to Vienna’ 25/MK1

Milena Bartlová (Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture in Prague), ‘Max Dvořák in the 1960s: a re-construction of tradition’ 25/MB1

Stefaniia Demchuk (Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv ), ‘The Mannerist “revolution”, Dvořák and Soviet Art History’ 25/SD1


Jim Berryman (University of Melbourne), ‘Bernard Smith and Robert Hughes: A Critical Dialogue’ 25/IB1

Hannah De Moor (KU Leuven) ,‘Netherlandish carved altarpieces: a historiographic overview with a focus on Sweden’ 25/HdM

Ivan Foletti (Masaryk University, Brno) and Adrien Palladino (Masaryk University, Brno), ‘Nomadic arts in emigration: Russian diaspora, Czechoslovakia, and the broken dream of a borderless Europe (1918–45)’ 25/IF1

Allison Kim (Wake Forest University), ‘Today as history: Vasari’s Naples Resurrection and visual memory’ 25/AK1

Stefanie Leibetseder (Independent), ‘Wilhelm Vöge’s sonnet “On the platform of Strasbourg Cathedral” and his monograph on Niclas Hagnower’ 25/SL1

Daniel Spaulding, (University of Wisconsin – Madison), ‘Panofsky’s Antinomies’ 25/DS1

Kate Warren (The Australian National University), ‘Tracing cultural values through popular art historiographies: Australian popular magazines and the visual arts’ 25/KW1


Susanna Avery-Quash (National Gallery, London) and Elizabeth Goodall (Southampton City Art Gallery), ‘Crossing Borders to engage People through Art: Education and Outreach at Southampton City Art Gallery, 1974–2008’ 25/AQG1

The work of Julius Lange – translations and commentary

Introduction: Karl Johns (Independent), ‘Julius Lange (19 June 1838-20 August 1896)’ 25/KJ1

Kensy Cooperrider (Independent), ‘The many meanings of a gestural motif’ 25/KC1

Eckart Marchand (Warburg Institute), ‘Studying gestures in art’ 25/EM2

Julius Lange,‘The Hand on the Breast’, tr . Karl Johns (Independent) 25/KL1

Julius Lange ‘The History of a Motif’, tr. Karl Johns (Independent) 25/KL2

Julius Lange, ‘Michelangelo and marble (Copenhagen Gads, 1876)’, tr. Karl Johns (Independent) 25/KL3

Julius Lange, ‘Attic Grave Stelae’, tr. Karl Johns (Independent) 25/KL4

Julius Lange ‘The history of an expression’, tr. Karl Johns (Independent) 25/KL5


Jaynie Anderson (The University of Melbourne) ‘The invention of curatorship in Australia’. Review of: Recent Past. Writing Australian Art by Daniel Thomas, edited by Hannah Fink and Steven Miller, Sydney: Art Gallery of New South Wales/Thames and Hudson, 1 December 2020, pp. 348, 119 col. plates, 14 b. & w. illus., Aus. $. 64.99. ISBN. 9781741741506. 25/JA1

Swati Chemburkar (Jnanapravaha, Mumbai), ‘Heritage, history and heterotopia at Angkor Wat’. Review of: The second volume of Michael Falser, Angkor Wat: A Transcultural History of Heritage, Berlin/Boston Walter de Gruyter, 2020, Two Volumes, 1150 pp, approx.1500 photos/maps/illustration/sketches/notes, epilogues, bibliography, index, $198.99, ISBN 978-3-11-033572-9/ e-ISBN (PDF) 978-3-11-033584-2. 25/SC1

Hans Christian Hönes (University of Aberdeen) ‘Painting Art History’. Review of: Léa Kuhn, Gemalte Kunstgeschichte. Bildgenealogien in der Malerei um 1800, Paderborn: Fink 2020, ISBN-13: 978-3-7705-6453-8, 333pp., EUR 69,00. 25/HCH2

Hans Christian Hönes (University of Aberdeen), ‘Out of the shadows? Discovering Mary Warburg’. Review of: Hedinger, Bärbel; Diers, Michael (Eds.): Mary Warburg. Porträt einer Künstlerin. Leben, Werk, München: Hirmer Verlag 2020, ISBN-13: 978-3-7774-3614-2, 535 S., EUR 68.00. 25/HCH1

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