CONF Jul 1, 2012

Arts of Korea: Histories, Challenges and Perspectives Symposium

Harn Museum of Art, University of Florida, Nov 30–Dec 2, 2012
Registration deadline: Dec 2, 2012

Jason Steuber

Open and free to the public at the Harn Museum of Art on the University of Florida campus, Arts of Korea: Histories, Challenges and Perspectives (30 November-2 December 2012) will bring together experts from Asia, Europe, and North America to present diverse papers on the arts of Korea, with topics such as investigations of collection histories, connoisseurship, scholarship, and emerging developments in the field. Intentionally wide in scope, the symposium will encourage critical reviews of Korean art history and its art historical canons.

The goal of the symposium and the subsequent proceedings volume is to examine historiography of Korean art, with attention dedicated to both the history and the current state of the field. For the past several decades, Korean art scholarship has increased, changing in character as new techniques of stylistic analyses emerge and interdisciplinary studies contribute to deeper avenues of understanding. Through theoretically and historically grounded research and writing by internationally recognized scholars, the Arts of Korea: Histories, Challenges and Perspectives symposium and the peer-reviewed publication will signal new directions in the study and understanding of Korean art. These contributions will serve the next generation of collectors, scholars, and curators in developing twenty-first century canons of Korean art and institutional holdings of Korean art treasures.

This symposium is made possible through the generous support of the Korea Foundation, and the proceedings will be published by the University Press of Florida as part of the David A. Cofrin Asian Art Manuscript Series.

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