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JECES, vol. 70, no. 4 (2021): Designing the New East

Annika Wienert

Journal of East Central European Studies, vol. 70, no. 4 (2021)
Special Issue:
Designing the New East. Architecture, Spatial, and Urban Planning in Poland under German Occupation, 1939–1945

Annika Wienert: Introduction. Planning and Building in Occupied Poland: The Architecture of National Socialism as a Multidisciplinary Research Field, pp. 515-553

Christhardt Henschel: New Construction or Reconstruction: Town Planning in the Administrative District of Zichenau (1939–1945), pp. 555-582

Aleksandra Paradowska: Architectural Competitions as an Avenue of Promotion in the “New German East”, pp. 583-608

Hanna Grzeszczuk-Brendel: Heim and Heimat — Poznań during the Second World War as a Starting Point for Possible Paths of Interpretation, pp. 609-627

Anja Wiese: The Propaganda Exhibition “The Beautiful Town—Entschandelung and Design”: Stops in the “German East”, 1940–1942, pp. 629-661

Małgorzata Popiołek-Roßkamp: Architects in the General Government: Activities, Reckoning, Memory, pp. 663-668

Wojciech Wółkowski: Architecture in Warsaw, 1939–1944, pp. 689-708

Ewa Perlińska-Kobierzyńska: Warsaw’s Architectural Community During the 1939–1944 German Occupation, pp. 709-732

Oliver Werner: Contaminated Science: The Contribution of German Spatial Research to the Genocide of the European Jews, pp. 733-752

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