CONF Oct 14, 2021

Political Cargo. Image Vehicles in Global Exchange (Hamburg, 29-30 Oct 21)

Warburg Haus, Hamburg, Oct 29–30, 2021

Yannis Hadjinicolaou

Political Cargo. Image Vehicles in Global Exchange

Conference of the International Research Project »Bilderfahrzeuge. Aby Warburg’s Legacy and the Future of Iconology«

Organised by Leena Crasemann, Uwe Fleckner, Yannis Hadjinicolaou

The annual conference of the international research project »Bilderfahrzeuge. Aby Warburg’s Legacy and the Future of Iconology« is dedicated to the topic of the different »cargos« with which the »automotive image vehicles« (Aby Warburg) at the centre of the project’s research are loaded. Its main focus lies on the aesthetic and political dimensions of what are often global transfer and exchange processes, and on the type and (sometimes active) possible effects of the things and ideas being conveyed. The sections are devoted to three subject areas: firstly, naturalia that are effective in political interactions, for example during diplomatic encounters, secondly, materials that are subject to migration processes, but also help to determine them, and thirdly, mobile and translocally travelling architectures and architectural fragments.

Please note that the 2G-rule (convalescent or vaccinated persons) currently applies to access to events in the Warburg-Haus. Registration is required, please write to: A few days before the conference, a link will be published on the Warburg-Haus website ( so that you can also participate in the conference, which is carried out in hybrid mode, from abroad.

Friday, 29 October 2021

Naturalia in political interaction(s)

09.30 Welcome

A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
Amitis Motevallis »Golestan Revisited«
Anita Hosseini

Wandering Falcons / Wandering Images
Falconry as diplomatic cargo
Yannis Hadjinicolaou


Celebrating Urban Spectacles
Asian elephants, territorial locality, and the transcultural practices in early-modern Europe and China
Lianming Wang

From Tusk till Dawn
Politisiertes Elfenbein von der Spätantike bis zum Herbst des Mittelalters
Stefan Trinks

Lunch Break

Material Migrations (I)

Interrupted Itineraries
Shipwreck, piracy, and the making of the Dutch Republic
Claudia Swan

Spolia of Urban Destruction
Past and present in Wang Shu’s Ningbo Museum
Uwe Fleckner

Saturday, 30 October 2021

Material Migrations (II)

Fibers, Fabrics, Patterns on the Move
Material agency of textiles in contemporary art and beyond
Leena Crasemann

Toward a Minor Textile Architecture
Kathryn Clark, Loren Schwerd and Igshaan Adams
Jessica Hemmings


Architecture Set in Motion

Moving, Making, Dwelling
The human drive to build mobile architecture
Robert Kronenburg

We All Have Baggage
Pietro della Valle between Europe and Asia in the seventeenth century
Matteo Burioni

Lunch Break

Monuments en route
Shipping plaster architecture in the nineteenth century
Mari Lending

Weit hergeholt
Europäische Architekturfragmente als Geschichtsprothesen im Hearst Castle
Nina Groß

Das »Musée Dynamique« in Dakar
Über-Setzung architektonischer Formen in einem internationalen Ausstellungshaus
Judith Rottenburg

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