CONF Sep 25, 2021

Methodologies of Iconographic Indexations (online, 1 Oct 22)

online, Oct 01, 2021

Barbara Tramelli

ON-LINE One Day Workshop on Methodologies of Iconographic Indexations

Digitising, Cataloguing, Searching and Sharing the Medieval and Early Modern Image: On-Going Projects and Different Methodologies

Hosted by: The Venice Centre for Digital and Public Humanities
Organizers: Dr. Barbara Tramelli and Dr. Matilde Malaspina
Date : 1st Oct 2021; from 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM


Morning - Project Presentations

(open to the public)

M. Malaspina and B. Tramelli
Welcome to participants

H. Brandhorst and E. Posthumus
Annotation, standardization and collaboration

R. Robineau
Manuscripts Iconography (and beyond) in the Biblissima Portal

R. Duits
Classifying Early Modern Iconography. The Warburg’s Wittkower System in Digital Form

G. Bergel
Visual search and the early-modern printed image

10:15-10:30 COFFEE BREAK

G. Ferrante & C. Perna
The Illuminated Dante Project

M.A. Bilotta and M.A. Panzanelli Fratoni
The Study of Illustration and Decoration Patterns in Law Manuscripts and Books. The projects IUS ILLUMINATUM and IVS Commune online

J. Depuydt
Opening up the collection of 14,000 woodblocks of the Officina Plantiniana

S. Wilkinson and D. Thomas
Ornamento Europe: an atlas of the visual geography of the Renaissance book

I. Andreoli and A. Maschietto
The Essling LOD Project: objectives and issues

11:45-12:00 PAUSE

F. Bruni
EDIT16 2021: new user interface, new tools, new chances for interoperability

H. Klinke
On the use of distant viewing in art history. Feature extraction, dimension reduction and the grammar of images.

B. Ellertson (with Nick Herman and Doug Emery)
Images as Windows: the BASIRA Project

M.A. Rossi
The Index of Medieval Art at Princeton: A Database of Medieval Visual Traditions

Discussion on Methodologies, Results, Perspectives

13:15-14:30 LUNCH BREAK

Afternoon - Roundtable Discussions


(open to invited participants only)

14:30 -15:00
Digitization Practices (instruments, technical issues...)

15:00 -15:30
Iconographic descriptions: current (and future) instruments of indexation

15:30- 16:00
Project organization, workflow and professional developments

16:00-16:15 PAUSE

Maintenance and afterlife of the projects / Future collaborations

16:45 -17:00
Final remarks

Ilaria Andreoli, Fondazione Cini
Giles Bergel, Visual Geometry Group, University of Oxford
Maria Alessandra Bilotta, Universidade Nova of Lisbon
Hans Brandhorst, Iconclass
Flavia Bruni, Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico
Joost Depuydt, Plantin Moretus Museum
Rembrandt Duits, The Warburg Institute
Barbara Ellertson, BASIRA Project
Doug Emery, BASIRA Project
Gennaro Ferrante, Illuminated Dante Project
Nick Herman, BASIRA Project
Harald Klinke, LMU Munich
Ilenia Maschietto, Fondazione Cini
Maria Alessandra Panzanelli Fratoni, Università di Torino
Ciro Perna, Illuminated Dante Project
Ethienne Posthumus, Iconclass
Régis Robineau, IIIF/Biblissima Project
Maria Alessia Rossi, Index of Medieval Art
Drew Thomas, University College Dublin
Sandy Wilkinson, University College Dublin

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