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RIHA Journal: Vienna as a Sculptural Centre in the Long 19th Century

Andrea Lermer

RIHA Journal is pleased to announce the publication of the special issue:


guest-edited by Ingeborg Schemper-Sparholz and Caroline Mang, Universität Wien

The Vienna Art Academy has always attracted budding artists from all over the Empire, especially after the reform in 1872. At the same time, the project of the Vienna Ringstraße, in which many professors from the academy were involved, offered the prospect of commissions. Still, the networks of sculptors in the capital and the crown lands during these decades have not been widely explored. This is not a matter of purely art-historical questions; rather, the national question plays an important role. An international group of researchers is now tackling these connections.

Ingeborg Schemper-Sparholz and Caroline Mang:
Editorial "Vienna as a Sculptural Centre in the Long 19th Century"
(RIHA Journal 0260)

Ingeborg Schemper-Sparholz:
Forschungsstand und Forschungsfragen – Historische und aktuelle Positionen zur Skulptur am Ende der Habsburgermonarchie
(RIHA Journal 0261)

Gabriele Böhm-Nevole:
Die Inszenierung der vier österreichischen Kaiser im Langen 19. Jahrhundert in der Porträtbüste
(RIHA Journal 0262)

Caroline Mang:
"denn gerade Wien ist der Ort, wo die Schule der monumentalen Plastik den geeigneten Boden hat." Die Wiener Bildhauerschule des Caspar Zumbusch als Ausbildungszentrum für Künstler in der Habsburgermonarchie des ausgehenden 19. Jahrhunderts
(RIHA Journal 0263)

Andreas Gottsmann:
The Arts Policy of the Habsburg Empire in the Long 19th Century – "for the Good of Internal Peace within the Empire"
(RIHA Journal 0264)

Martin Krummholz:
Czech Sculpture in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries and Its Attitude Towards Vienna
(RIHA Journal 0265)

Dragan Damjanović:
The Habsburgs and Public Monuments in 19th-Century Croatia
(RIHA Journal 0266)

Irena Kraševac:
Public Sculpture in Zagreb in the Second Half of the 19th Century: Typology and Style of Monuments in the Urban Gesamtkunstwerk "Green Horseshoe" (Zelena potkova)
(RIHA Journal 0267)

Gábor György Papp:
The Millennial Monument in Budapest as a Bearer of Memory, National Identity and Self-Awareness
(RIHA Journal 0268)

Karin Šmid:
Altering the Titles of Artworks for New Functions. Two Plaster Groups by Josip Urbanija (1877–1943)
(RIHA Journal 0269)

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