CONF Sep 21, 2021

Photography in Asia 1839-1939 (online, 30 Sep-2 Oct 21)

online, Sep 30–Oct 2, 2021
Registration deadline: Sep 28, 2021

Filip Suchomel

Charles University in Prague / KREAS Project
Academy of Performing Arts in Prague/ Faculty of Film and Television
and European Association for Asian Art and Archaeology

would like to invite all those who are interested in Asian photography to participate in the conference Photography in Asia 1839-1939.

The conference will run online from September 30 to October 2, 2021, always from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. Prague time. Just for listening, you can watch all lectures on youtube through our website. If you want to take part in discussions, please register at: (no later than September 28).

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Thursday, 30 September 2021

13:45 Registration - Welcome - Introduction

14:00–14:50 Keynote speech I

Luke Gartlan
Trading Places: Business and the Materials of Meiji Photography

15:00–17:30 Panel I: Archetypes – Stereotypes – Genres – Variability – Identity
Chair: Burglind Jungmann

Bing Wang
Street Cries in China from British Photographers’ Lens: Inheritance and Evolution

Mirjam Dénes
Photography and the Changing ‘Image’ of Japan in the Early Illustrated Press

Mio Wakita
The Vision of Modern Visual Technologies and the Image of Femininity in Meiji Japan

Sebastian Dobson
Felice Beato and the Carte-de-visite Photograph in Japan, 1863-1868

Frank Feltens
Towards the Future: Between Photographs and Prints in Meiji Era Japan


17:45–18:30 Keynote speech II

Filip Suchomel
…When writing a travelogue, I only record my general impressions, and most of all I buy photographs…. The Creation of the First Photographic Collections from Asia in 19th-Century Central Europe.

Friday, 1 October 2021

14:00–14:50 Keynote speech III

Burglind Jungmann
Chosŏn Entering the International Arena: Three Witnesses

15:00–17:00 Panel II: Photographic Collections–Curators, Collectors, Travellers and their Admirers
Chair: Filip Suchomel

Stefano Turina
“Da una fotografia”. Picturing Japan in the Official Account of the First Italian Diplomatic Mission to Japan and China (1875).

Rebeca Gómez Morilla
Ambiguous Encounters and Colonial Imaginations – A Swiss Diplomat between Japanese Imperialism, Korean Independence and Swiss Economic Interests

Helena Čapková
In the land where only the abstract qualities are permanent – Photographic Collection of Bedřich Feuerstein

Michèle Galdemar
The Noblot Collection, French Indochina 1927–1937. A Private Contribution to Colonial Iconography


17:15–18:45 Panel III: Uniqueness – Visuality – Transformation
Chair: Luke Gartlan

Ayelet Zohar
Hazy Moon, Eclipsed Sun: Between Art and Science. The Aesthetics of Astronomical Photography and Celestial Painting in Meiji Japan

Giulia Pra Floriani
Crafting China through Photographs. Francis E. Stafford’s Vision of the Commercial Press and the 1911 Revolution

Yupin Chung
Stillness and Time: “Shanghai of Today”


Saturday, 2 October 2021

14:00–14:45 Keynote Speech IV

Terry Bennett
Photography and the Taiping Rebellion

15:00–17:30 Panel IV: New Views - Unknown vs. Famous in Asian Photography
Chair: Terry Bennett

Oliver Moore
The Photographic Image in China: More than One Life, More than One History

Freya Schwachenwald
Ornamental Streets and Ambivalent Subjects: Historiographical Reflections on Photographs and Artworks between East Asian and European Archives

Celio Barreto
The Syasin Makie of Mizuno Hanbeh: Unique Reproductions or Something Else?

Ekaterina B. Tolmacheva and Polina Rud
...Sometimes I get tired, but I think the cause of tiredness is my years — my 55 years are already over – The Far East Through the Eyes of Agnia Diness

Xavier Ortells-Nicolau
Traveling Photographic Collections: The Case of Juan Mencarini


17:30–18:00 Closing Remarks

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